Analysis of Waiting Time in Emergency Department of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Emergency Department (ED) in Alnoor Hospital is considered the pulsating unit in the hospital by facing a daily challenge through a huge exposure to number of patients round between 500 - 700 per day in average. With this busy service in ED, our study emerges to measure the quality of provided services to patients in term of measuring the total length of stay time (LOS) in ED and its influencing factors. This is a prospective study aiming to estimate the average time patients spend in ED of Alnoor Hospital during the month of January (2013). In addition, it inspects factors influencing the LOS. The questionnaire which conducted and filled by emergency team over all patients was consisted of the following data: arrival time to ED, initial time of assessment by nurse, initial time of assessment by doctor, time of arrival to specific area, consultation time, arrival time of consulted specialty, time of laboratory investigation, time of radiological investigation, time of final disposition and time of physical disposition. For the 7604 patient visits analyzed, mean ED LOS was 3.02 hour (SD = 5.03 hour). About half of the patients spent less than 59 minutes (44%), 32.6% spent 1 to 3:59 hour, 15.2% spent 4 to 7:59 hour, and 8.2% of the patients spent more than 8 hours. A priceless such study will offer an opportunity to evaluate the recent ED performance and assist to adapt future optimization strategies to improve the quality of services provided to the patient.

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Bukhari, H. , Albazli, K. , Almaslmani, S. , Attiah, A. , Bukhary, E. , Najjar, F. , Qari, A. , Sulaimani, N. , Lihyani, A. , Alhazmi, A. , Maghrabi, H. , Alyasi, O. , Albarqi, S. and Eldin, A. (2014) Analysis of Waiting Time in Emergency Department of Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Open Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2, 67-73. doi: 10.4236/ojem.2014.24012.

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