Risk Assessment of Agricultural Products Supply-Chain Finance Based on D-S Theory


Agricultural products supply-chain finance, as one of the solutions to the issue of “capital problems” of agriculture, countryside and farmers, has proposed a kind of characteristics model to assess the risk of agricultural production, processing and marketing, which can improve the issue of farmers and enterprises lacking of funds. This model is proposed on the basis of uncertain information processing method of D-S theory and its data combination rules, combined with the “discount rate” correction model, and it includes a risk assessment index system of agricultural products supply-chain finance, fully considering the five aspects of production, processing, marketing, cooperation of supply chain and collateral. At last, a taro supply chain is taken for example. And the risk assessment of its supply-chain finance based on this model has been discussed in detail. And the result has proved that the model and its algorithm are practical and feasible.

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Zhang, Y. , Duan, L. and Zhang, G. (2014) Risk Assessment of Agricultural Products Supply-Chain Finance Based on D-S Theory. American Journal of Computational Mathematics, 4, 366-375. doi: 10.4236/ajcm.2014.44031.

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