Diagnostic and Laparoscopic Management of Unicornuate Uterus with Rudimentary Horn


We describe here a case report of a female patient with a unicornuate uterus with noncommunicating left rudimentary horn. The patient presented herself to us due to persistent lower abdominal pains, primarily dysmenorrhea and suspected internal genital endometriosis. Further to additional diagnosis and imaging by vaginal and abdominal ultrasound and abdominal MRI, a suspected rare congenital malformation of the genital tract was established. A normal vagina with cervical system without pathological findings was presented during the operation. The diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy indicated an intact right unicornuate uterus with a regular tube and ovary. A left rudimentary horn, noncommunicating with cervix and vagina was also presented, also together with a regular tube and ovary. The chromopertubation carried out proved the patency of the right tube. The decision was taken intraoperatively to remove the left rudimentary horn with ipsilateral tube. The surgery could be carried out without complications. We are reporting a patient with persistent lower abdominal pain, who desires to have children, to conceive with a unicornuate uterus and left rudimentary horn with retrograde menstruation and proliferative endometrium. Surgical minimal invasive treatment by laparoscopically removing of the left rudimentary horn and tube took place.

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Doorn, E. , Kimmig, R. and Aktas, B. (2014) Diagnostic and Laparoscopic Management of Unicornuate Uterus with Rudimentary Horn. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3, 378-381. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2014.36084.

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