Application Research of Intake-Air Cooling Technologies in Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Power Plants in China


The generated power and efficiency of gas-steam combined cycle (GSCC) power plants depend on the temperature of the inlet air greatly. Based on the analysis of basic theory of inlet air cooling technologies, the application of evaporative cooling system and the absorption cooling system in GSCC power plants are discussed in this paper. Moreover, in China with high temperature and humidity, applied research and simulation analysis of the above two different cooling systems are conducted separately, the research results of which can provide certain reference for optimal design and economic operation of inlet air cooling system for GSCC power enterprises in China.

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Zhang, T. , Liu, Z. , Hao, H. and Chang, L. (2014) Application Research of Intake-Air Cooling Technologies in Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Power Plants in China. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2, 304-311. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24042.

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