Study on Valve Management of DEH for Steam Turbine


Valve management is one of the major functions of DEH for steam turbine. It has an important practical significance for the security and economy of the steam turbine. This paper starts from the valve configuration figure of the domestic-type 300 MW steam turbine, and then makes a simple comparison between the two types of valve governing modes. In order to realize the valve control, the structure of control system has been established, in which the roles of the mathematical functions are discussed. On the basis of the experiment of valve flow characteristic, this article carries out a quantitative study on the functions of the valve management and the parameter tuning method. Through a serious corrections, the sequence valve flow characteristic curve is obtained, which can provide significant guidance on the research of valve management of the similar steam turbines.

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C. Yin and J. Liu, "Study on Valve Management of DEH for Steam Turbine," Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 4B, 2013, pp. 319-323. doi: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B063.

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