An Analysis of the Correlation between the Changes in Sa-tellite DNA Methylation Patterns and Plant Cell Responses to the Stress


The differences in satellite DNA methylation pattern of corn seedlings with various spontaneous chromosome aberration yields and changes in methylation pattern of these DNA sequences under different exposure modes of acute UV-C and chronic gamma-irradiations have been investigated. The obtained experimental data and the conducted correlation analysis demonstrated the significant correlation between the satellite DNA methylation pattern varieties and chromosome aberration yields under various stress exposure modes. The role of satellite DNA methylation pattern variability and its changing in key responses to stress such as mobile elements’ activation, cell’s passage of checkpoints, and homological repair was discussed. 

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A. Sokolova, D. , S. Vengzhen, G. and P. Kravets, A. (2013) An Analysis of the Correlation between the Changes in Sa-tellite DNA Methylation Patterns and Plant Cell Responses to the Stress. CellBio, 2, 163-171. doi: 10.4236/cellbio.2013.23018.

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