A Surgical Case of Primary Cardiac Osteosarcoma Arising from Mitral Posterior Leaflet


Little is reported about primary cardiac osteosarcoma from mitral valve. We report a surgical case of primary cardiac osteosarcoma arising from mitral valve. The patient was a 54-year-old woman with congestive heart failure caused by mitral regurgitation due to a tumor (30 × 20 mm) from the posterior leaflet. We performed complete resection of the tumor combined with the mitral valve and replaced it to a mechanical valve. Histopathological examination showed evidence of complete excision of cardiac osteosarcoma. Sixteen months after the initial surgery, the mechanical valve has a trouble with its opening of leaflets due to local recurrence in the mitral annulus, and 2nd mitral valve replacement following tumor excision was performed. Eighteen months after the 2nd surgery, the patient finally died by recurrence as well as invasion of osteosarcoma from mitral annulus to left ventricular myocardium. We discussed about the management and treatments of primary cardiac osteosarcoma in this case.

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Morita, M. , Mieno, S. , Utsu, N. , Tanaka, K. , Miyakoshi, K. , Kakimoto, S. and Kobayashi, Y. (2013) A Surgical Case of Primary Cardiac Osteosarcoma Arising from Mitral Posterior Leaflet. World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, 3, 87-89. doi: 10.4236/wjcs.2013.32015.

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