Effect of Non-Uniform Basic Concentration Gradient on the Onset of Double-Diffusive Convection in Micropolar Fluid

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The effect of non-uniform basic concentration gradient on the onset of double diffusive convection in a micropolar fluid layer heated and saluted from below and cooled from above has been studied. The linear stability analysis is performed. The eigen value of the problem is obtained using Galerkian method. The eigen values are obtained for 1) free-free 2) rigid-free 3) rigid-rigid velocity boundary combination with isothermal temperature condition on spin-vanishing permeable boundaries. The influence of various micropolar parameters on the onset of convection has been analyzed. One linear and five non linear concentration profiles are considered and their comparative influence on onset is discussed and results are depicted graphically. It is observed that fluid layer with suspended particles heated and soluted from below is more stable compare to the classical fluid without suspended particles.

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S. Pranesh and A. Narayanappa, "Effect of Non-Uniform Basic Concentration Gradient on the Onset of Double-Diffusive Convection in Micropolar Fluid," Applied Mathematics, Vol. 3 No. 5, 2012, pp. 417-424. doi: 10.4236/am.2012.35064.

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