Improved survival in channel catfish fed mannanoligosaccharides in an extruded diet


The high temperature and pressure achieved during cooking extrusion has been shown to affect nutrient availability. To determine the effects of extrusion temperature on the efficacy of mannanoligosaccharide (Bio-Mos?) in channel catfish, 4 experimental diets were fed for 9 wks and then challenged with Edwardsiella ictaluri bacterium. Catfish (9.9 ± 0.4 g) were randomly assigned to the following treatments: Low-None (low temperature process without additive); High-None (high temperature process without additive); Low-Bio (low temperature process with 4 g/kg diet Bio-Mos?); High-Bio (high temperature process with 4 g/kg diet Bio-Mos?). Although specific growth rate and food conversion ratio were similar among treatments (P > 0.10), survival after E. ictaluri challenge was highest (P < 0.01) for the fish fed Low-Bio. Increasing the extrusion temperature of the Bio-Mos?-laden feed resulted in survival numbers similar to diets without Bio-Mos?. Extruding catfish diets supplemented with Bio-Mos? at lower temperatures may provide another strategy to control enteric septicemia of catfish.

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Peterson, B. , Booth, N. , Barrows, F. and Manning, B. (2012) Improved survival in channel catfish fed mannanoligosaccharides in an extruded diet. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 2, 57-61. doi: 10.4236/ojas.2012.22009.

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