The Role of Consciousness in Healing Therapies: A Brief History of Ancestral Energies, Biofield and Ultra-Weak Photon Emission
Luiz G. Camelo
Taguatinga, Distrito Federal, Brazil.
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Healing therapies are a set of techniques used with the aim of transfusing healthy “bioenergy” to other people in order to restore physical, mental, and emotional balance. It is necessary that something is donated from the healer, that is, something results from his organic metabolism. Also, based on your physical, mental, and emotional health, the energy resulting from your metabolism is assumed to be healthy for the healing of patients. On the other hand, also in many cases, healing does not occur due to the “vicious” quality of the energy to be transfused and the low receptivity of the patient. However, in most cases, it depends not only on the healer but also on the receiver, but usually on other healers, such as higher order consciousnesses. In fact, in many cases of healing, the effect is almost instantaneous with just the healer’s “magnetic energy”, especially in painful crises. Without a doubt, I believe that biophoton is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and immunomodulatory bioenergy. The healing effectiveness of these therapies is well established. It is a cell-restoring product that can rebuild tissues and organs in a short time, which in many cases leads to the restoration of the patient’s health and well-being. The aim of this study is to address a brief history of ancestral energies of Asian philosophy (Chinese, Japanese and Indian), highlight the role of consciousness and the healer in healing therapies. In addition, the study emphasizes the similarity of these energies with the one called “ectoplasm”, as well as it establishes connections with the newly elected ultra-weak emission of photons. Finally, bibliographic research was carried out in an English language database and innovative concepts were introduced about the role of consciousness as well as the healer in healing therapies.

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Camelo, L. (2022) The Role of Consciousness in Healing Therapies: A Brief History of Ancestral Energies, Biofield and Ultra-Weak Photon Emission. Open Journal of Medical Psychology, 11, 39-56. doi: 10.4236/ojmp.2022.112004.

1. Introduction

Consciousness is creative, dynamic and transformative and interacts with nature. Indeed, in nature, everything is coherent and nothing is random. There is an intelligent sense in everything that is linked to the physiological structure of the universe. The consciousness that gives life to man is an “entity” of a higher order with various levels of action in the matter. It is the Intelligent Principle of being. Its intimate nature is unknown. It is impossible to describe it, but it is possible for science to discover its action on the matter through its neuronal correlation [1].

It is worth mentioning that it makes no sense for the Supreme Intelligence of Universe [1] to legislate specific laws for each particle, atom, or molecule. In this context, everything has a single origin, except the Intelligent Principle of the Universe, which has a different origin [1]. Therefore, everything originates from the underlying or primordial elementary matter known by some as the “universal fluid”, also known to science as the zero-point energy field, ZPF. In fact, this matter differentiates into infinite possibilities according to the electromagnetic vibrations of its “particles” giving rise to everything in the Universe [1].

The subtle energies used in healing therapies from this “sea of energy” that permeates everything and everything are similar to the energetic constitution of man. Hence, the ease of entering into the composition of cells and organic tissues, as it maintains the same vibratory frequency. Recent research has shown that the human body is an electromagnetic field that interacts with other even more subtle fields [1]. In fact, the human body is coupled to a highly coherent “biophotonic field”, which is the basis of communication at all levels of the physiological organization, called Psychosoma [1]. Indeed, it establishes instantaneous communication with all the components that compose it and also with their correspondents or counterparts of solid matter, and especially communication with the consciousness [1].

2. A Brief History of Subtle Energies

The idea of healing based on biofield therapies is ancient, although the concept of the biofield is relatively recent. In fact, it was coined in 1992 at a meeting of the US National Institutes of Health [2] [3]. Many biofield therapies emphasize the balance of vital energies such as Qi or Chi, from the Chinese tradition which corresponds to the Ki of the Japanese tradition or the Prana of the Indian tradition, the oldest of all, and long considered to be the responsible “energy” for life and, on its balance or imbalance, health or disease depends [4] [5] [6]. Indeed, current studies on coherent and ultra-weak emission of photons have established a clear correlation with the emission of “qi”, the vital energy of the Chinese tradition, and that the current version of this energy called “biophoton” increases with age and is highest in the male [7]. Although prana balance therapy [or qi or chi or ki] forms the basis of the Traditional Medicines of India, China, and Japan [8] [9] [10] [11], the exact nature of this element is still essentially unknown.

It is believed that the intensity and other characteristics of this energy such as the coloration identified by individuals of exceptional sensitivity can diagnose illness or health. Thus, on the one hand, while health reflects a bright, clear auric field. On the other hand, an illness reflects emotional states surrounded by low-density energy fields seen during anger, hurt, hatred, and resentment [12].

Prana is essential for all forms of life. In matter, it is energy that coordinates the molecules, adjusting them to form shapes. In fact, without prana there would be neither molecular cohesion nor the consequent formation of a defined whole, because it is prana that groups all the cells and interconnects them in an intimate relationship, sustaining the forms [13] [14]. Through the action of consciousness on prana, it is possible to make it act on cells and molecules [15] [16] [17] and modify physical systems [13]. Ignorance of the nature of “prana” does not prevent it from being felt, captured, and manipulated and emitted [18] and thus benefiting people’s health [19]. On the other hand, practitioners of traditional Chinese [chi] and Japanese [ki] therapies alike evoke the mental power to radiate vital energy in the biological field of their patients, modifying the mental, emotional and physical state of those patients [20] [21].

The natural state of energy is to be free. Its emission is spontaneous, even if the sender is unconscious [1]. However, without the participation of consciousness as an omnipresent healing agent [1] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] and its extraordinary mental power, there would be no manipulation and interaction of energies for the healing and well-being of patients. Undoubtedly, the endogenous flow of healing energy is perennial because it comes from consciousness [1] through intention, mental strength, compassion, and a desire to benefit the patient. They are certain therapies that evoke the concept of vital force [20] [21].

Strictly speaking, metaphysics, the current pathological fad is a childish term used by the “scientific community” for more than a century as a naive excuse for not exploring the heart of the matter. In fact, it is an Intelligent Principle called Conscience [1]. In this context, the biofield itself receives information from its “ubiquitous endogenous” field, which may be saturated with “diseased or healthy energies” that come from consciousness, the underlying fundamental field [1]. From this perspective, the “endogenous field” is an intelligent, self-regulating biological field that interacts with other fields whose objective is to transmit information that comes from consciousness. Thus, everything in the universe is mental [1] [21]. It is the highly coherent “biophotonic holographic” field, the basis of communication at all levels of organization [22]. The emission of biophotons, in principle, can arise from a non-measurable field as a potential new information system in the organism, as Popp suggested in 1985 [27]. Undoubtedly, most diseases are due to an imbalance in the patient’s “energy field” due to the inappropriate use of the creative forces of thought, leading to the blockage of the vital flow [1]. In fact, the use of these therapeutic practices makes the energy flow free with the aim of restoring the balance of the patient's vital energy.

Concluding the historical data, it is observed that one succession of events always follows another and so the story continues. At the beginning of the last century (1922), the French physician Charles Richet Ph.D., who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and his famous literary work “Thirty Years of Psychical Research: A Treatise on Metapsychics” coined the term ectoplasm to denote the excretion of a substance expelled by the mouth, nose, ears, as well as emitted by the fingertips, chest and all pores of the human body. Ectoplasm is, therefore, a term of Greek origin [ekos = outside] and plasma [form] that characterize this protoplasm. Indeed, the human body emits biophotons from abnormal areas such as “wounds or diseases” of the skin, indicating an exudation of “plasma” of “cytoplasmic” origin coming from the interior of the injured cell [22], corroborating what was said by Dr. Charles in the 20th century past.

Protoplasm, a substance with coherent properties, is the part of the cell that lies between the cell membrane and the nucleus, or the peripheral portion of the cytoplasm. It is known as plasma of psychophysical origin emitted spontaneously or through the will [1]. In this sense, ectoplasm is energy emanating from consciousness [1]. Therefore, all energy that circulates in the human body is, ultimately, of mental origin that accumulates in the vital body, the biological field of man [1] [28] [29] [30]. It is undoubted that the semi-material energy emitted and absorbed by man and other living beings is variable in intensity. The greater this intensity and cellular activity is, the greater the production of “ectoplasm” or biophotons is to meet the demand of the organism’s energy metabolism activity [30] [31].

3. New Concepts: Ultra-Weak Photon Emission

As described above, history is a sequence of events related to a particular circumstance. Here it is important to emphasize that nature does not make leaps. On the other hand, we must seek knowledge that leads us to understand the Theory of Unitary Formation of the Universe. In this sense, the evolution of the Universe is deterministic and unitary [21]. In fact, the fundamental matter of the universe is unique and irreplaceable that permeates the entire universe. From it arise the various modalities of subtle energy, always varying according to the vibratory frequency of its components until reaching low density gross matter [1] [28]. It should be noted that coherence is the basic characteristic of the Universe, just as there is nothing random [28]. There is an intelligent sense in everything [1] [28]. The coherent and ultraweak emission of photons [or biophotons] is the latest version of the other energies described above and this term will certainly change.

Ultraweak photon emission is the spontaneous and continuous emission of low-intensity electromagnetic waves emitted and absorbed by all living beings in the range of 240 - 650 nm [nanometers]. It is invisible to the naked eye and visible only to highly sensitive electromagnetic devices. In this sense, living beings are considered emitters and receivers of “electromagnetic frequencies” for their regulation and development of their structural constituents such as cell differentiation and growth [28] [29] [30] [32]. Therefore, biophoton is ultimately a “psychophysical energy” that depends on organic metabolism to potentiate itself. Indeed, it is vital energy and common to all living beings, including humans whose therapeutic action takes place through a mechanism of vibratory correspondence [28]. Here, an intelligent biophotonic field operates that interacts with other more subtle energy fields that interpenetrate to compose the integral, coherent and holistic being [24] (see Table 1).

The emission of biophotons is variable in its physiological or pathological state. In its physiological state, the emission of biophotons occurs more intensely on the fingertips and the dorsal and ventral sides of the hands. However, for some authors, it is more intense on the back of the right hand [33] [34] than on the ventral side, as well as right-left hand symmetry occurs [35]. On the other hand, regarding its pathological state, the emission is diffused over the entire body surface, being of great intensity in the hands (see Figures 1-3), even more in the fingertips, eyes, nose, mouth and feet [28]. However, in a case report through direct observation, whose patient is the author himself, high intensity biophoton emission was detected on the palm side of the right hand, therefore right-left asymmetry [28]. Considering the hematogenic pathway, the vehicle for the dissemination of biophotons and the intense vascularization of the palmar side, it is believed that this region is the site of the greatest emission of biophotons in the human body [28]. However, the dorsal side of the hands, for having large caliber vessels and supposedly being able to sensitize an electromagnetic device with greater intensity, may indicate a wrong analysis. In fact, in the study described above, the dorsum of the hand was not a place where high biophoton emission was observed [28].

Figure 1. This is the physical representation of biophoton emission. Image captured in the bottom of a bathtub. Each bubble represents the energy emission. At the beginning of the process, in each microspace, only bubbles were seen. The appearance of bubbles in the right palm at the end of the process is still surprising. There is significant venous stasis and blisters on the palm and back. There is the perception of an electric spark being eliminated in the water that disappears in 3 minutes along with the bubble. What a relief!

Figure 2. Note the lesion on the fingertips of the left hand after 7 years of evolution. Recurrence is frequency.

Figure 3. Note the lesion on the fingertips after 7 years of evolution. According to the concentration of biophotons, lesions tend to get worse or better, with a certain frequency.

Table 1. Most relevant features of biophotons.

It is also variable during the day, especially influenced by the planetary magnetic field. In fact, in the study described above, the daily emission follows the geomagnetic rhythm [28] [36] [37] [38]; however, there are studies that refer to the circadian rhythm [33] [34]. However, this rhythm starts around 3:00 am; it continues to increase during the morning and decreases in the afternoon and even more at night until it reaches the baseline when the cycle closes [28]. On the other hand, based on the geomagnetic rhythm, demonstrated in that study [28] the emission of biophotons starts around 5:00 am with the beginning of daily activities increases during the morning and later in the afternoon and even more at night [39] until it starts to reduce around 5:00 am the next day when the cycle closes [28].

The hypothesis of biophoton emission may be related to DNA, its main source. The DNA molecule, the interface between a subtle energy field and a measurable field of dense matter, possibly decodes the “photon” captured from sunlight and transports it to the mitochondria and microtubules where the conversion to biophotons takes place, in neuronal cells [28]. Undoubtedly, it is an energy emission perceived in the periphery of the body after its condensation, being eliminated through all the pores, especially through the hands and feet (see Figures 4-7), digestive and urinary tracts, eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals [28] [30] [31].

Figure 4. Emission of biophotons in the form of bubbles, whose image of the lower 1/3 of the left leg was captured from the bottom of a bathtub. Normal people don’t emit energy this way. This is a pathological emission of biophotons.

Figure 5. Emission of biophotons in an image of the lower 1/3 of the right leg with several air bubbles where the emission of biophotons occurs.

Figure 6. Lesions can be seen between the fingers. They were deep with exposed muscles and tendons. No infection, no pain and healing in no time. There were recurrences several times. Drying powder is noticed between the fingers.

Figure 7. Residual lesions are seen between the left toes with recent epithelial regeneration, denoting the current recurrence of these lesions [white spot between toes indicates new tissue].

4. The Role of Consciousness in Healing Therapies

This is the most relevant topic in healing therapies. Consciousness, the Intelligent Principle of the Universe, actively participates not only in all the functions of the human body but also in quantum events that concern it [1] [24]. It is an entity generated by Universal consciousness, the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe and the First Cause of all things [1]. It is the most fundamental element in healing therapies. In fact, it has a universal character observed in all aspects of evolution, present at every level of the cosmos [24] [39] [40]. Therefore, it is a perennial agent of information processing as a holographic process, the basis of the holistic aspect of nature [40] [41]. Indeed, it is a complex, non-electromagnetic, highly coherent and intelligent [27] subtle energy field that involves long-range interactions that can be considered the language of life [21] [22]. In this context, therefore, the principle of universal solidarity is evoked (see Table 2).

Table 2. Consciousness and healing therapies.

In the energetic aspect of life, consciousness in a position of the command of a higher order directly involves the Psychosoma, an endogenous field that encompasses life [1], which is more limited to the informational aspect [24] [39] [41], thus ensuring the long-range order indispensable for cells [39] [40]. In this context, Consciousness of a holistic nature contains in itself non-local information in time and space [27] [39]. Thus, in relation to non-locality, there is no impediment in time and space. Here, distance does not exist. Therefore, Consciousness has a field-like nature that can play a mediating role between underlying fields and the organism [25] [27] [28] [40].

The endogenous field or Psychosoma is the indivisible holistic unit through which subtle matter flows replacing cells and rebuilding the organism incessantly, every day, through the DNA, holographic information field [28] [40] [41]. Therefore, psychosoma is the holographic model of the human body. It’s your hologram. On the other hand, DNA forms a holographic storage field, whose radiation is coupled to biological systems [28]. It is worth noting that Consciousness instantly interacts with entangled states [21] [28] [42] that may be responsible for the information between higher-order processes and neuronal events [1]. Today, this scientific field brings to light knowledge that was previously seen as esoteric without a scientific basis, and which is currently leading to a new scientific understanding of the biofield and its role in healing and health [43].

5. Use of Bioenergy in Healing Therapies

Who is behind the healings? Remembering that health or illness is in consciousness [1] [24] [28] [40]. Undoubtedly, consciousness and the mind are the fundamental matrices [39] of the biofield [24] [28] [40]. Therefore, consciousness is essential to the healing experience [4] [5] [6] and it is what actually decides to heal. From this perspective, the final healing will always depend on the patient. It is worth noting here that, in order to resolve this healing/no healing paradox, it is necessary to evoke the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. In other words, just as we can modify the position or movement of a subatomic particle simply by measuring it, we cannot mathematically count on the healing of a patient through healing therapies [39]. Thus, we cannot categorically state that the patient will be cured.

The subtle energies described above are just necessary “inputs” for healing. It’s a universal singularity! In this context, consciousness uses the “mind” and the “brain” to interact with the environment and the body [1] [28], driven by intention [22], awakening the patient’s innate healing potential and the will to want. It is worth remembering that the “mind” is the non-material brain that interacts with the material or biological brain [1].

In fact, current evidence suggests that mind and matter interact with each other [1] [24] [25] [27], categorically leading to the assumptions of in-person and distance healing. Here, it should be noted that consciousness is not the body, nor is the body the consciousness, but both one and the other can interact through their non-biological brain, which is the mind [1]. With regard to intention, consciousness is not the same thing as free will, which is the desire to choose. In fact, free will is an attribute of Conscience [1]. It is the Conscience that really decides, which is the center of power [1].

Considering the principle “in nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” [Lavoisier, 1775], our proposal is that the “ultraweak emission of photons” is the “synthesis” of all bioenergies used in healing therapies [12]. It is a product of the underlying primordial elementary matter and the most scientifically studied [28].

The emission of vital fluid or biophotons is externalized through the hands from the fingertips [43] in the form of condensed fluid [28] at a presumed distance of 30 cm until it interacts with the patient’s biofield where it will perform its healing function [44] [45]. It is worth remembering that uncertainty will always be present in healing therapies. Undoubtedly, healing is linked to a patient’s decision. Everything is a matter of interaction and energetic affinity. The action of bioenergy is independent of pure and simple belief [46]. On the other hand, the basic principles of healing therapies such as compassion, intention or the healer’s willingness to help; altruism, trust and frankness of the healer as attributes of consciousness [1] and finally the receptivity and healing capacity of the patient are essential in the healing experience [47] [48] [49]. In this context, it is assumed that the clinical efficacy of healing therapies occurs in a positive way, for example, influencing the immune system which, in turn, increases secretory IgA, protecting the pulmonary and digestive tracts leading to improved health in general, whose goal is to balance physical, emotional and mental health [50] [51] (see Table 3).

The emanation of bioenergies [chi, ki, prana, ectoplasm or biophotons] by the body in the form of a biofield or “aura” is physiological and continuous; however, it can change according to the state of health and emotions [28]. In fact, the emanation of these energies can be visualized by an electromagnetic device such as a photomultiplier tube or by GDV photography [visualization of gas discharge]

Table 3. Bioenergy and healing therapies.

and which appears to be more intense in trained healers [52]. It is psychophysical energy emanating from consciousness [28] by desire, intention and mental force. The source of this “vital energy” is the Cosmic Energy or Zero Point Quantum Energy Field [ZPF] already known to science [28].

Stressful emotions and unhealthy feelings reduce the vibrations of this “noble energy”, while noble and selfless feelings increase your energetic frequency and healing power [28] [52]. It is worth noting that, for healing to occur, the patient’s decision-making power and firm will, the healer’s love and good intentions [52] and interference from higher-order consciousnesses [28] [39] are necessary. Undoubtedly, energy therapies show convincing evidence in preventing and even curing some severe diseases when it reaches a certain frequency that stimulates tissue or organ repair [53].

6. Mechanism of Action of Healing Therapies

Everything in the universe has a single origin, in the deterministic unity [21], in the primordial elementary substance. In fact, from the sea of primordial energy arise the various modalities of substances that tend to infinity. For example, the “nice” apple and the “sour” lemon have the same energy source. What varies is the vibratory frequency of each substance, including the taste.

The idea of specific organs capable of capturing and absorbing subtle energies is ancient. We start from the assumption that these energies are absorbed by the “chakras” as taught by the initiatory schools of the East [4] [5] [6] [24]. Thus, chakras or force centers are fluid, electromagnetic organs that capture, absorb, transport and distribute subtle energies from the sun and the environment, resulting in bioenergies already with a holographic signature of the organic metabolism of man [1] [28]. Indeed, the chakras are located on the surface of the vital body of the human being in whose body bioenergies are stored. From there, they are transported to mitochondria intimately coupled vibrating to the vital body [28] [29], whose mechanism is something similar to the absorption of water in the intestinal lumen.

It should be noted that the act of healing involves a higher-order “consciousness” that assesses the patient’s merit. Because of his free will, any action performed by a man in the universe must be taken into account on its merits. Therefore, the patient has the disease he deserves. Here, who decides the healing, in fact, is the consciousness of a higher order and/or the consciousness of the patient. It is important to emphasize that free will is only the means and not the end. It is worth remembering here that any wrong choice by the subject generates low vibration energy that needs to be recycled. Let’s take healing cancer for an example. The subject does not always benefit from pure and simple healing. In fact, it is more advantageous for him to go through this diseased state to achieve his full cure. Undoubtedly, it is the time necessary for him to recycle the adulterated, low vibration energies that have impregnated the “endogenous field” through the inappropriate use of his creative energies and that can lead to diseases [1]. Undoubtedly, this “inner” process facilitates the change of the individual to a state of psychophysiological coherence and in this way, facilitates access to implicit information’ from non-local sources that, through intuition, provides for their healing (see Table 4).

On a biological level, the body’s psycho physiological systems generate various energy fields at various frequencies encoded with information that generates a “holographic interference pattern”, whose energy wave radiates and disperses in space/time. The quantum holographic theory when describing a representative “hologram” of a given object states that in each part of that object, there is the total image of it and consequently all information contained in that object is equally involved in each part [54].

Based on the Holographic Principle [54], the patient would supposedly have a quantum holographic medical record where his entire health or disease history is printed. Here, the higher order consciousness in possession of this quantum medical record decides whether or not to cure this patient. However, contemporary science still “immature” and “vacillating” in its “scientific postulates” cannot explain the intentions in-person or distance healing and how they can influence physiological states of patients undergoing healing therapies [52] [55].

The purpose of life, of primordial or fundamental nature, is to focus on the process of learning and definitive healing of the integral being. Generally speaking, all patients receive some type of benefit. In fact, there is no failure in any healing technique. Healing energy is the same for all techniques. There is no more or less efficient technique. The technique itself is what matters least [56]. Without a doubt, what really matters is mental strength, physical and mental health, and the healer’s and patient’s willingness to heal. Therefore, healing is influenced by both the intention and the will of the healer, as well as the receptivity and worthiness of the patient himself. In fact, intentionality is an attribute of consciousness [1]. Without a doubt, what really matters is the wholesome message sent through the healing intention [55] [57].

Distance healing is an intentional mental act [51] coated with compassion that aims at the health and well-being of a distant patient. On the other hand, face-to-face healing of the patient, like distance healing, is also an intentional mental act coated with compassion [23]. It is important to emphasize that

Table 4. Mechanism of action of healing therapies.

consciousnesses are interconnected with interactions and instantaneous information flows [51]. In this context, we are never alone [54].

It is worth noting that the healing process takes place through the intervention of agents holding information at various levels of action [1]. First, a “higher order” consciousness [1] manipulates the energy taken from this “sea of energy” as if it were a chemical in the laboratory, given his extraordinary mental power. Then there is the intentional action of the healer and finally the action of the receiver and beneficiary of the healing [58]. In this sense, as human beings are similar, healing occurs by a vibrational matching mechanism [28].

It should be noted, however, that it is undoubtedly an energy transfer common to all techniques. Indeed, the greater the concentration of a trained healer, the greater the emission of energy and, therefore, the greater the effectiveness of the healing technique, as it contains a greater amount of “inputs” or healing energy. In both patient and distant healing, the mechanism of action is the same. In fact, everything is mental. Touch is irrelevant. The primordial substance, in a way, is plastic under the mental action of consciousness [1]. Here, the healing energy is modified according to the patient’s need by the “mind action” of the healers. It is worth remembering that distance healing is a non-local and non-temporal processing therapy [42] [45].

Bioenergy is always an endogenous content [27] [41], as it is manipulated and emanated by consciousness [1]. It is of mental origin, even if the technique involves muscle strength to supposedly produce it. In this context, the resulting bioenergy is actually a “healing substance” and not a physical, electrical current as we know it. The emission of biophotons, ultimately, is an emanation of consciousness. It is at the same time the healing and conducting substance of this therapeutic “magic”. The effectiveness of healing therapy is directly proportional to the mental strength and physical and mental health of the healers, as well as the receptive state of the patient.

Finally, it should be noted that the “psychophysical quantum coherence” of the healers and the patient is fundamental. Undoubtedly, out-of-body quantum coherence wave fields create networks of informational energetic resonance [54]. On the other hand, this communication is impeded when the body’s psycho physiological systems are in a state of incoherence. Finally, it is possible for science to discover the healing effects of this energy. However, discovering the causal agent of the healing means the first discovery of the consciousness or Intelligent Principle of the Universe. We propose that the resulting healing energy is biophoton. Here, it should be noted that it is in fact considered an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antibacterial substance [28]. Undoubtedly, this substance has other unknown therapeutic effects.

7. Conclusions

Based on the principle that healing energy is unique, and does not even belong to the human being, that in fact, it is just the “input” necessary for healing, we propose here that the term used in healing therapies is biophoton. In fact, at least it takes the prefix “bio” and is an energy field restricted to a single individual. In fact, the photon in principle is just light. However, when it is metabolized into biophotons, it takes the signature of the donor human’s metabolism, and that’s what matters. In this context, healing through “biofield” is a generic, cold, and impersonal term that suggests the non-participation of the most relevant entity in this process, which is consciousness. As has been said, we will always work with the “ghostly” figure of uncertainty.

Consciousness, the intelligent principle of the universe, is life itself. Thus, in healing therapies, who rebuilds the cell and the consequent restoration of the sick person’s health is the patient’s consciousness, the healer’s, and other consciousnesses involved in the process. Indeed, any versatility of the human being, however exceptional it may be, is about consciousness. As stated, the subtle matter used in healing therapies is ultimately plastic for the evolving intelligence that makes up this universe. The Intelligent Being, when clothed in matter, is life at any planetary latitude or longitude. On the other hand, the “inert” being has no relationship with life because consciousness is life itself. Everything is linked and connected in nature. Evolution is not a messy, disorderly, chaotic event, but an intelligent, disciplined movement with no possibility of deception.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.


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