World Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume 8, Issue 1 (February 2020)

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Study of Factors Causing Time and Cost Overrun in Pre-Construction Project (A Case Study of Malaysia)

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Cost and time overrun are the key troubles of any improvement ventures. These troubles are inflicting the terrible end result in the development of kingdom monetary improvement and thriving. To overcome these problems, the paper examines predominant impact on elements causing the mission postponement and cost. A poll review was led for the situation study embracing various information-gathering procedures. The discoveries from the contextual investigation uncovered that the most persuasive factors in Malaysia: 1) contractor’s inappropriate arranging, 2) poor site the board, 3) deficient contractual worker experience, are the most powerful factors. This paper has likewise broken down the normal and least effective of the postpone variables causing task deferral and cost overrun in Malaysia. It likewise infers that there are various measures as per the idea of deferring components to decrease the effect on task postponement and cost overruns in the development industryThere are significant factors in the control of time overrun that would be actual thought related to know and tackle in great impact to improvement rate which may additionally no capacity that be recovered. Thirty (30) massive development extensions in Malaysia were exceptional coping with time overrun at some stage in development. Out of 30 undertakings, 17 (56.67%) ventures had been introduced by using 1100 days’ time overrun, 5 (16.67%) extensions in the middle of a hundred and one to 200 days, 5 (16.67%) ventures 201 to 300 days while three (10%) ventures have been deferred for timeframe over 300 days.

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Ilyas, M. , Li, J. and Ullah, I. (2020) Study of Factors Causing Time and Cost Overrun in Pre-Construction Project (A Case Study of Malaysia). World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 8, 1-12. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2020.81001.

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