Materials Sciences and Applications

Volume 10, Issue 4 (April 2019)

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Permanent Rare-Earth Magnets—The Need to Protect Them against Corrosion

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The RE-Fe-B permanent magnets have a complex microstructure and they are susceptible to corrosion process. In this paper, the commercial nickel coatings adhesion was investigated. The microstructure of the RE-Fe-B without coating was analyzed by scanning electronic microscopy and electrochemical techniques. The interface magnet/coating was studied by scanning electron microscopy and the nickel-plated Nd-Fe-B commercial magnets were tested in a salt spray chamber. The ferromagnetic and RE-rich phases were observed. After the anodic polarization curve, a strong intergranular corrosion was observed and the RE-rich phase was preferentially attacked. The interface magnet/Ni coating presented inter-granular corrosion that can affect the nickel coating adherence. This attack had probably occurred during the electrodeposition process. Not all the samples suffered localized corrosion during the salt spray tests and the Ni triple-layer coating presented a few corrosion points. RE-Fe-B alloy magnets need to be protected with appropriate coatings to each environment to which they will be exposed and the protective coating must not be damaged.

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