Journal of Modern Physics

Volume 9, Issue 6 (May 2018)

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Plank Scale with Siva’s Constant “K”—A New Road to Grand Unification

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Based on Vd = K equation and the consideration that maximum velocity is “velocity of light”, diameter of a space time for a particular fundamental force has been calculated. With Siva’s classical equation for space time, the quantity of fundamental force has been calculated in terms of relative energy with photon. This has been converted into relative force and the relative forces interpreted in terms of coupling constants of fundamental forces. All the fundamental forces are manifestation of space time material only. Space time will be different for different fundamental forces and their elementary force carrying particles. Specially, it has elaborated the difference between mass and energy for gravity space time. A generalized equation of space time and coupling constants has been derived. This equation can be used to calculate the space time parameters of other fundamental forces by knowing the coupling constant and vice versa. Space time parameters will be different for fundamental forces. In order to keep the parameters such as c,G,h,lp,tp and mp applicable to all other fundamental forces, a new parameter Siva’s constant “K” has been introduced. Thus all the observations are based on “K” and transformation is possible by a new additional parameter “K” such that c=h=G=K=1 instead of c=h=G=1. Ultimately, this paper may be a ground work to discuss lot of issues such as “consciousness” and “decoding of quantum information” in future.

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