International Journal of Clinical Medicine

Volume 7, Issue 3 (March 2016)

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Risk Factors for Chemotherapy-Induced Leukopenia in Patients with Lung Cancer

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Objective: This analysis was conducted to clarify risk factors for chemotherapy-induced leukopenia (CIL) in lung cancer. Methods: A retrospective study was conducted on data from 358 patients with lung cancer who received chemotherapy. Results: Among 358 cases of lung cancer who received chemotherapy, a total of 240 patients experienced CIL, rate was 67%. The demographic data including gender (P = 0.795), age (P = 0.134), presence of selected chronic comorbidities (P = 0.23) were not significantly different in the two groups. The weight loss rate, PS score, sub-normal pre-WBC level, sub-normal pre-PLT level, and the cycle of chemotherapy were significantly different between the groups (P < 0.05). Multivariate analysis revealed that the weight loss rate ≥5% (OR = 0.503), sub-normal pre-WBC level (OR = 11.807), the cycle of chemotherapy ≥3 (OR = 3.100) were main risk factors for CIL in lung cancer. Conclusion: Before treatment, weight loss rate is 5% or higher, chemotherapy has a cycle of 3 or more and sub-normal WBC level is independent risk factor of lung cancer after chemotherapy-induced leucopenia.

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