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Volume 3, Issue 3 (July 2015)

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Research on the Platform Construction of Road Freight Market in China

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Against the backdrop of the boom in logistics industry, road freight is undertaking an increasingly important responsibility as the leading mode of cargo transportation. However, the road freight resources in our country cannot adequately meet the needs at present, due to the poor status quo of large overall scale and small individual size, the dispersion and disunity of freight, and low effective utilization. It has become a hot topic about how to better promote the wholesome and efficient advance of our domestic road freight market, for which our government, scholars or enterprises have made tremendous studies and attempts. Nevertheless, with regard to the deficiencies in the related studies, how to better use the platform in the service of its resource integration turns out to be the key of the problem. This paper by taking account the disperse condition of the road freight market resources, emphasizes the analysis of the operation mode and means of integration of the road freight platform by citing living examples as arguments for exploration and improvement, to make an systematic research; the road freight resources being the objects, platform the means, and integration the target. On account of the platform to conduct the integration, it is expected to achieve better market condition and higher efficiency, thus laying a theoretical foundation for its practical operations.

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