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Volume 2, Issue 12 (December 2014)

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The Psychological Imperative in Political Processes in Nigeria

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The nature of politics involves the coordination of peaceful human co-existence. Given its central place in human existence, politics has a great importance in fostering a better living condition of people. But when wrongly pursued and exercised, political power becomes a destructive tool in the hands of political leaders. In view of this importance, it becomes an imperative to subject those vying for political positions to psychological (personality) test in order to validate their fitness and usefulness in ensuring the purpose of politics which among others includes the coordination of human society. This paper employs observatory, dialogical and discursive methods in examining the interlock between politics and psychology. It highlights some abnormal behaviours displayed by our political leaders and argues that the withdrawer of psychology and psychologists to the background in political matters in Nigeria spells doom for the country at large. Thus, it recommends that there must be a deliberate fusion of politics (political science) and psychology, beyond mere referencing them as belonging to the social sciences. In other words, there must be a deliberate intellectual merger of politics and psychology within the university system and the public sphere. It also recommends that psychologists should get involved in national discourse not just as citizens but also as professionals who can provide answers to national issues especially in regards to analyzing the behaviours of political leaders and determining whom are fit to lead. Finally, it holds that the civil society and psychologists have a viable role to play in redressing the socio-political “madness” in the corridor of power in Nigeria. Importantly, this paper does not discuss the wide variety of personality tests and does not pretend to have conducted any personality test on any public office holder, but suggests that personality tests are necessary in order to ensure sanity in our polity by recruiting the “right people”—people without personality disorder and leaders that will not jeopardize the well-being of the people.

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