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Volume 10, Issue 2 (May 2020)

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Evolution and Yoga. Hypothesis: From Reptilian to Intuitional Brain

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It is amply accepted that biological evolution is centered in gradual phenotypic and genetic changes of living populations through the time. The issue of human existence has worried the man since immemorial time. The intriguing concepts of life and consciousness vary according to the discipline of study. While for West Biologists, life is the ability to be born, to grow and to die, for Yogis Life is Consciousness which compenetrates to beings from nature kingdoms. Is human brain still evolving? The studies of neuroscience, based on classical well-known triune brain proposed by Dr Paul MacLean around the year 1960, estimate that in the human brain resides the genealogical tree of the species as a result of the evolution of millions of years starting from the brain structure of the reptiles. This involves the well-known three levels of the reptilian brain (intinction), the limbic brain (emotions) and the neocortex brain (rationality). Like the biological evolution, it is also possible to consider a spiritual evolution through also different kingdoms of nature. The neuroscientists say that modern man has developed only one-third of his brain capacity. According to this background, the main point of this study is to postulate during next millennia the development of improved neocortex II or “intuitional brain with neural networks prevailing human noble qualities and subtle essential unity among beings. Today neurological studies reveal that network design of interconnected neurons varies with selfish and non-selfish thoughts. Recently Dr Richard Davidson, a well-known and famous American psychiatrist who also practices meditation techniques, has demonstrated that network neurons of human depression are completely different from those in tenderness. He concludes that “goodness is the base of a healthy brain”. Suddha Dharma Mandalam (SDM) is a sacred Spiritual Order which pre-eminent philosophical system contains the most vital principles about life and conduct, aimed at achievement of the material and spiritual progress of humanity. Among others, this Order recommends to their disciples cultivate the noble Atmic qualities including goodness, tolerance, welfare, purity and compassion. Experts from different areas including philosophers and biologists propose that if we teach Yoga to children, the world violence would be eliminated in a single generation.

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