Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection

Volume 8, Issue 5 (May 2020)

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Removal of Dyes from Wastewater by Adsorption onto Activated Carbon: Mini Review

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Nowadays, wastewater from dyeing industries became a challenging issue in the world. Researchers have reported several techniques to treat those effluents based on their projects. Adsorption is the most common method because of cheap, simple and effective method. In this work, activated carbon was used for dye adsorption purpose. This adsorbent has high surface area and high porosity to remove dye. This review highlighted some important results of the last few years regarding the use of activated carbon in wastewater treatment. Research findings supported that adsorption process is spontaneous in nature. Adsorption data confirmed Langmuir model, indicating the chemisorption occurred.

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Ho, S. (2020) Removal of Dyes from Wastewater by Adsorption onto Activated Carbon: Mini Review. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 8, 120-131. doi: 10.4236/gep.2020.85008.

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