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A Linear Array Antenna of Microstrip Patch Antennas Fed by the Open-End of Coplanar Waveguides

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In this study, we constructed a 4-element linear array antenna using four 20 GHz band microstrip patch antennas with a structure such that the signal is fed to the patch antennas from open-end coplanar waveguides without contact. We investigated factors related to the design of linear array patch antennas. To adjust the maximum radiation direction and reduce return loss, we optimized the spacing between the elements and their shape. With an element spacing of 11.50 mm, patch width of 3.90 mm, and patch length of 4.15 mm, we obtained a resonance frequency of 20.05 GHz and a return loss of -29.59 dB at the resonance frequency. However, in the case of a 4-element linear array antenna structure, undesired resonances occurred in frequency bands other than the design resonance frequency band of 20 GHz. To suppress these undesired resonances and obtaining stable operation at the design frequency, we propose a new structure in which the feed line is loaded with a short stub, and show through computer simulations that the occurrence of undesired resonances can be sufficiently suppressed. Furthermore, we demonstrate the problem of radiation gain reduction caused by introducing a short stub, propose a design method for a new structure in which the feed line has slits between the stubs, and show improvement of the antenna gain by 0.5 dBi.

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Kamei, T. , Shima, H. , Fukuda, S. and Ishii, S. (2017) A Linear Array Antenna of Microstrip Patch Antennas Fed by the Open-End of Coplanar Waveguides. Wireless Engineering and Technology, 8, 37-49. doi: 10.4236/wet.2017.82003.

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