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Prof. Wei He

School of Mathematical Sciences

Nanjing Normal University, China


Email: weihe@njnu.edu.cn


Post-doctor, Shandong University, China

Ph.D., Sichuan University

M.S., Liaoning Normal University

B.S., Shanxi Normal University

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Luo Tao and Wei He, Meets of spatial locales, Bull. Belg. Math. Soc., 17(2010), 243-250.
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  6. Fan Lihong and Wei He, The Scott topology on posets and continuous postes, Advance in Math. China, 38(2009), 723-730.
  7. Wei He and Maokang Luo, Completely regular paracompact reflection of locales, Science in China, No.6, 49(2006), 820-826.
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  11. Wei He, Remarks on Completely Regular Lindelf Reflection of Locales, Appl.Categorical Structures, 13(2005), 71-77.
  12. Wei He, Lattice of Quotients of Completely Distributive Lattices, Algebra Universalis, 54(2005), 121-127.
  13. Wei He, A Constructive Proof of The Gelfand-Kolmogorov Theorem, Appl.Categorical Structures, 12(2004), 197-202.
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  17. Wei He, Sobreity of Scott Topology and Weak Topology on Posets, Comment.Math.Univ.Carolinae., 43(2002), 531-535.

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