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Dr. Salah El-Sayed El-Hendawy

King Saud University, Egypt

Associate Professor

Email: shendawy@yahoo.com


2004  Ph.D., University of Technical University of Munich

1998  M.Sc., University of Suez Canal

1993  B.Sc., University of Suez Canal

Publications (Selected)

  1. El-Henday, S., Al-Suhaibani, N., Schmidhalter, U., 2013. influence of varied plant density on growth, yield and economic return of drip irrigated faba bean (vicia faba l.). Turk. J. Field Crops. 18(2), 185-197
  2. Awad, A.;  Hafiz, S.; Hammada, M.S.; El-Nouby, A.;  El-Hendawy, S.; 2013. Grain yield production of Sudan grass (Sorghum sudanense(Piper) Stapf ) as influenced by cutting numbers, potassium rates, and intrarow spacing in a semiarid environment. Turk J Agric For. 37:657-664
  3. El-Hendawy, S.E.; Sone, C.; Ito, O.; Sakagami, J.I. 2012. Differential growth response of rice genotypes based on quiescence mechanism under flash flooding stress. Australian Crop Science (12):1587-1597
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  6. El-Hendawy, S.E.; Hu, Y.; Sakagami, J.I.; Schmidhalter, U. 2011. Screening Egyptian Wheat Genotypes for Salt Tolerance at Early Growth Stages. International Journal of Plant Production 5 (3), 283-298
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