Dr. Lakshmi Tulasi Sunkara

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Oklahoma State University, OK-74078, USA

Research Assistant Professor



2011 Ph.D., Molecular Immunology, Oklahoma State University, USA

2003 M.V.Sc., Poultry Medicine, Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, India

2001 B.V.Sc.(DVM) Veterinary Medicine, Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. Tulasi, S.L.*, A.R. Reddy, G.R. Reddy, V.L.K. Prasad, M.V.L.N. Raju, C.L.N. Rao, B.V.S. Reddy, P. P. Rao, and D. Ramachandraiah. 2004. Performance of broilers on Sorghum based Diets. International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter 45: 37- 40. (*Changed to current name, L.T. Sunkara, since 2008 due to marriage).
  2. Bommineni, Y.R., M. Achanta, J. Alexander, L.T. Sunkara, J.W. Ritchey, and G. Zhang. 2010. A fowlicidin-1 analog protects mice from lethal infections induced by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Peptides 31: 1225-1230.
  3. Sunkara, L.T., Achanta M., N.B. Fry, G. Dai, W. Jiang, Y.R. Bommineni, and M.G. Kaiser, S. Lamont, H.S. Lillehoj, A. Baker, R.G. Teeter, and G. Zhang. 2011. Butyrate enhances disease resistance of chickens by inducing antimicrobial host defense peptide gene expression. PLoS One 6: e27225.
  4. Achanta, M., L.T. Sunkara, D. Gan, Y.R. Bommineni, W. Jiang, and G. Zhang. 2012. Tissue Expression and Developmental Regulation of Chicken Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptides. Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 3: 1-7.
  5. Sunkara, L.T., W. Jiang, and G. Zhang. 2012. Modulation of Antimicrobial Host Defense Peptide Gene Expression by Free Fatty Acids. PLoS One 7: e49558.
  6. Xiangfang Zeng, L. T. Sunkara, Weiyu Jiang, Megan Bible, Scott Carter, Xi Ma, Shiyan Qiao, and G. Zhang. 2013. Induction of Porcine Host Defense Peptide Gene expression by Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Their Analogs. PLoS One 8: e72922.
  7. Sunkara, L.T., X. Zeng, A. Curtis and G. Zhang. 2014. Cyclic AMP synergizes with butyrate in promoting β-defensin 9 expression in chickens. Molecular Immunology 57: 171-180.
  8. Weiyu Jiang, L.T. Sunkara, Xiangfang Zeng, Zhuo Deng, Sarah M Myers and G. Zhang. 2013. Differential regulation of human cathelicidin LL-37 by free fatty acids and their analogs. Peptides 50: 129-138.
  9. Bommineni, Y.R., G.H. Pham, L.T. Sunkara, M. Achanta, and G. Zhang. 2014. Immune regulatory activities of fowlicidin-1, a cathelicidin host defense peptide. Molecular Immunology 59: 55– 63.
  10. Sunkara, L.T. and G. Zhang. 2013. Invited review: Avian host defense peptides: identification, expression, and biological functions (in press, Pharmaceuticals, special issues, 2014).
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