Dr. A. Y. Klimenko

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

The University of Queensland, Australia



1992 Ph.D., Moscow University

Publications (selected)

  1. A. Y. Klimenko, Abstract competition and competitive thermodynamics, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 2013, 371.
  2. D. A. Klimenko, K. Hooman, A. Y. Klimenko, Evaluating transport in irregular pore networks, Physical Review E, Vol. 86(1), 2012, 011112 , pp.1-11.
  3. I. G. Vladimirov and A.Y. Klimenko, Tracing diffusion in porous media with fractal properties, Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation, 2010, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 1178–1211. (supported by LP0560407).
  4. A.Y.Klimenko, Early ideas in Underground Coal Gasification and their evolution, Energies, 2, 456-476; doi:10.3390/en20200456, 2009.
  5. M.S. Blinderman and A.Y. Klimenko “Theory of Reverse Combustion Linking” Combustion and Flame, 150 (2007) 232–245.
  6. A.Y.Klimenko, Matching Conditional Moments in PDF modelling of non-premixed combustion, invited paper, Combustion & Flame 143, 369-385, 2005.
  7. A.Y. Klimenko and S.B. Pope, “A model for turbulent reactive flows based on Multiple Mapping Conditioning” Phys. of Fluids, 15 (7): 1907-1925, 2003 (supported by ARC Large).
  8. G. Class, B. J. Matkowsky, and A.Y. Klimenko, “A unified model of flames as gasdynamic discontinuities” J.Fluid Mech, 491, 11-49, 2003.
  9. A.Y. Klimenko and R.W.Bilger Conditional Moment Closure for Turbulent Combustion Prog. In Energy. Comb. Sci. v.25 pp.595-687 (1999).
  10. A.Y. Klimenko, “Note on the conditional moment closure in turbulent shear flows”, Physics of Fluids, 7, 446-448, (1995) (supported by ARC fellowship).
  11. A.Y. Klimenko, “Multicomponent diffusion of various scalars in turbulent flow”, Fluid Dynamics, 25, 327-333, (1990).

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