Dr. V. P. Indrakanti

Leonardo Technologies Inc., USA




2009 Ph.D., Penn State, Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering

2002 B.Tech., National Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering

Publications (Selected)

  1. Rodosta, T., Litynski, J., Myer, L., Indrakanti, P., Robles, M. (2013), Best practices for monitoring, verification, and accounting of CO2 in the subsurface, Submitted to Proceedings of SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, New Orleans, USA.
  2. Indrakanti, V.P., Dutton, J., Ekmann, J., Huston, J., Munson, C.L., Noceti, R.P., Rudins, G. (2012), Beneficial uses of CO2: Preliminary framework for quantifying impacts, Proceedings of the AIChE Spring National Meeting, Houston, USA.
  3. Indrakanti, V.P., Kubicki, J.D., Schobert, H.H. (2011), A density functional theory study of CO2 adsorption on oxygen vacancies on rutile (110) and anatase (010), (001) surfaces: Implications for spectroscopic studies and photoreduction of CO2on irradiated TiO2, Fuel Processing Technology, 92, 4, 805-811.
  4. Indrakanti, V.P., Kubicki, J.D., Schobert, H.H. (2009), Quantum mechanical modeling of CO2 interactions with irradiated anatase TiO2surfaces: Implications for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2, Energy & Fuels, 23, 10, 5247-5256.
  5. Indrakanti, V.P., Kubicki, J.D., Schobert, H.H. (2009), Photoinduced activation of CO2 on Ti-based heterogeneous catalysts: Current State, Chemical Physics-based Insights and Outlook, Energy & Environmental Science, 7, 745-758.
  6. Indrakanti, V.P., Kubicki, J.D., Schobert, H.H. (2008), Quantum chemical modeling of ground states of CO2 chemisorbed on anatase (001), (010) and (101) TiO2 surfaces, Energy & Fuels, 22, 4, 2611-2618. 

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