Prof. Ching-Hwa Ho

Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Chinese Taipei



1998 Ph.D., Naitonal Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Electronic Engineering

1991 M.Sc., Naitonal Taiwan Institue of Technology, Electronic Engineering

1989 B.Sc., Naitonal Taiwan Institue of Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology

Publications (Selected)

  1. Ching-Hwa Ho* and C. C. Pan, (2012.06), “Surface sensing and band-edge properties of AgAlS2 which spontaneously extending to AgAlO2: Experimental observations in optical, chemical, and thermoreflectance spectroscopy”, AIP Advances, Vol. 2, in press. (EI/SCI)
  2. Ching-Hwa Ho*, Y. P. Wang and Y. S. Huang, (2012.03), “Optical characterization of band-edge property of In6S7 compound”, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 100, Iss. 13, p. 131905 (4pp). (EI/SCI)
  3. Ching-Hwa Ho*, (2012), “The study of below and above band-edge imperfection states in In2S3 solar energy materials”, Physica B: Condensed Matter, in press. (EI/SCI) -
  4. C. H. Chan, Ching-Hwa Ho*, M. K. Chen, Y. S. Lin, Y. S. Huang and W. C. Hsu, (2012), “Optical Characterization of InAlAs/InGaAs Metamorphic High-Electron Mobility Transistor Structures with Tensile and Compressive Strain”, Thin Solid Films, in press. (EI/SCI) -
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  7. Ching-Hwa Ho*, C. H. Chan, L. C. Tien, and Y. S. Huang, (2011.12), “Direct-Optical Observation of Band edge Excitons, Band Gap and Fermi Level in Degenerate-Semiconducting-Oxide Nanowires In2O3”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 115, Iss. 50, pp. 25088-25096. (EI/SCI)
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