Dr. Tomoshige Kino

National Institutes of Health, USA

Head, Staff Scientist



1994 Ph.D., Medical Science, The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Chiba University Medical School, Chiba, Japan
1989-1992 Research Fellow, The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Chiba University Medical School, Chiba, Japan
1985-1987 Residency, The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Chiba University Medical School, Chiba, Japan
1985 Bachelor of Medicine, Chiba University Medical School, Chiba, Japan

Publications (Selected)

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  18. Gragerov A., Kino T., Iilina-Gragerova G., Chrousos G.P., Pavlakis G.N, HHR23A, the human homologue of the yeast repair protein RAD23 interacts specifically with Vpr protein and prevents cell cycle arrest but not the transcriptional effects of Vpr. Virology 245: 323-330, 1998.
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