Dr. Seyyed Shamsadin Athari

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran



2017-Present Ph.D., Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

2011-2016 Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Publications (Selected)

  1. Seyyed Shamsadin Athari. Coronavirus infection; a force for shift of immune system to allergic asthma demonstration. Immunopathologia Persa 2020; 6(2):1-2.
  2. Seyyed Shamsadin Athari. Quarantining At Home Controls COVID-19 Exposes, May Increase Asthma Mortality. J Immuno Allerg. 2020; 1(3):1-2.
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  4. Seyyede Masoume Athari and Seyyed Shamsadin Athari. Is the gut Microbiome an Important Trigger of Asthma Development? Archives of Nutrition and Public Health 2019; 1(1): 1-2.
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  8. Seyyed Shamsadin Athari, Seyyede Masoume Athari, Fateme Beyzay, Masoud Movassaghi, Esmaeil Mortaz, Mehdi Taghavi. Critical role of Toll-like receptors in pathophysiology of allergic asthma. European Journal of Pharmacology 2017; 808:21–27.
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