Dr. Gokul C. Das

Department of Medicine/Nephrology

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Assistant Professor



Ph.D., Calcutta University, India; Biophysics

M.S., Calcutta University, India; Biophysics

Selected Publications

  1. Das, G. C. and Hollinger F. B. (2012), Molecular pathways for glucose homeostasis, insulin signaling and autophagy in hepatitis c virus induced insulin resistance in a cellular model, Virology 434, 5-17 (article selected for cover page and featured in Global Medical discovery and in World Biomedical Frontiers)
  2. Das, G. C. and Hollinger F. B. (2013) Molecular pathways contributing to insulin resistance is active early in infection but modified in persistently infected liver cells (Virology, in preparation)
  3. Das G. C. Creighton, C, Sen P and Hollinger, F. B. (2013) miRNA signatures in Hepatitis C Virus induced insulin resistance: potential pathways and implication for miRNA-based therapy (Manuscript In preparation)
  4. Das, G. C, A. Basci, M. Sreevastava, Hazra, T. and Boldogh I. (2006): Enhanced expression of Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Synthetase activity decreases oxidative stress level and cytotoxicity. Mol Carcinogenesis, 45, 635-647.
  5. Vertrees RA, Das GC, Popov VL, Cosci AM, Goodwin TJ, Logrono R, Zwischenberger JB, Boor PJ (2005) Synergystic interaction of hyperthermia and gemcitabine in Lung Cancer. Cancer Biol Ther. 4, 1144-1153
  6. Vertrees RA, Das GC, Coscio, AM, Xie J, Zwischenberger J B, Boor P J (2005) A mechanism of hyperthermia-induced apoptosis in ras transformed lung cells. Mol Carcinog. 44, 111-121
  7. Elliot, T., Das. G. C., Hammond, D., Jones, L., Baker, T. L and Love J., (2005). Screening and identification of cryopreservative agents for human cellular biotechnology experiments in microgravity. Gavitational and Space Biology 18, 83.
  8. Boldogh, I., Bhakat, K., Das, G. C., Bocangel, D. and Mitra S., (2004): Regulation of DNA repair and apoptosis by p53 and its impact on alkylating drug resistance in tumor cells. In Cancer Discovery and Development: DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy, Eds. Panci, LC and Alaoui-Jamali, MA, The Human Press INC, Totowa, NJ, 2004.
  9. Boldogh, I., Roy. G., Lee, M. S., Hazra, T., Bhakat, K., Das, G. C. and Mitra, S. (2003), DNA double strand break repair: down regulation by oxidative stress. Mol Toxicol. 193, 137-152.
  10. Das, G. C., Gallardo, G. and Haas, C., 2001: Taxol-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis: Dose-reponse relationship in cells with different p. 53 status and under isogenic conditions. Cancer Lett. 165, 147-153.
  11. Lee, I. K., Lee, S., Das, G. C., Poo, H. R. and Lee, Y. I., (2000): Activation of the insulin-like growth factor II transcription by aflatoxin B1-induced p. 53 mutant 249 is caused by activation of transcriptrion complexes; implications for a gain-of-function durinf formation of hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncogene 19, 3717.
  12. Das G. C., Gallardo R and Haas, C. (1999) Modulation of apoptosis and cell cycle in a squamous cancer cell line with mutant p. 53 under hypoxic conditions by taxol/mitomycin C/ metronidazole combination. Proc. Am. Assoc. Cancer Res. 40, 484.
  13. Das, G. C., Kriel, K., Gallardo, R. and Haas, C. (1998) p. 53 status and paclitaxel sensitivity of lung cancer cells to apoptosis. Proc. Am. Assoc. Cancer Res. 39, 162 (1998).
  14. Shivakumar, C. V. and Das, G. C., (1998): The A enhancer of Polyoma virus: protein-protein interactions for the differential early and late promoter functions under non-replicating conditions. Intervirology, 41, 103-109.
  15. Shivakumar C. V. and Das, G. C., (1996): p. 53 binding and transactivation of human polyomavirus BK promoter. Oncogene 13, 323.
  16. Das, G. C., Shivakumar, C. V. and Sharon D. Todd., 1995: Cell-specific regulation of the papovavirus promoters by tumor-suppressor protein p53 in the absence of large T antigen. Oncogene 10, 449.
  17. Shivakumar, C. V. and Das, G. C., (1994): Biochemical and mutational analysis of the polyomavirus core promoter: Involvement of nuclear factor I in early promoter function. J. Gen. Virol. 75, 1281.
  18. Das Gupta, S., Shivakumar, C. V. and Das, G. C. (1993): Identification of proteins binding to the F441 locus of polyomavirus B enhancer that are required for its activity in embryonic carcinoma cells. J. Gen. Virol. 74, 597.
  19. Roth, J. H., Das, G. C. and Piatigorsky, J., (1991): Chicken BB1-Crystallin gene expression: Presence of conserved functional polyoma virus enhancer-like and Octamer binding-like elements found in non-lens genes. Mol. Cell. Biol. 11, 1488.
  20. Chakraborty, T. and Das, G. C., (1991): Proteins of the nuclear factor I family act as an activator of the late promoter in human polyomavirus BK in vitro. J. Gen. Virology. 72, 1935.
  21. Rangan, V. S. and Das, G. C., (1990): Purification and biochemical characterization of hepatoctyte nuclear factor 2 (HNF-2) involved in liver-specific transcription of the human alpha-1-antitrypsin gene. J. Biol. Chem. 265, 8874.
  22. Chakraborty, T. and Das, G. C., (1989): Identificatin of Hela cell nuclear factors that bind to and activate the early promoter of human polyoma virus BK in vitro. Mol. Cell. Biol. 9, 3821.
  23. Das, G. C. and Piatigorsky, J., (1988): Differential transcription of the two chicken delta-crystallin genes in vitro. Current Eye Res. 7, 331.
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  25. Das, G. C. and Piatigorsky, J., (1986): The chicken delta 1-Crystallin Promoter: Binding of transcription factors to the upstream (G + C) - rich region is necessary for the promoter activity in vitro. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA 83, 3131.

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