Prof. Mahmood M. Shokrieh

School of Mechanical Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology




1995  Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering Department, McGill University

1991  M. Eng., Mechanical Engineering Department, McGill University

1984  B.Sc., School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

Publications (Selected)

  1. M.M. Shokrieh, S. Akbari, A. Daneshvar, “A comparison between the slitting method and the classical lamination theory in determination of macro-residual stresses in laminated composites,” Composite Structures 96 (2013) 708–715.
  2. Shokrieh, M. M., Hosseinkhani, M. R., Naimi-Jamal, M. R., and Tourani, H., “Nanoindentation and nanoscratch investigations on Graphene-based nanocomposites,” Polymer Testing 32 (2013) 45–51.
  3. Aliha M.R.M., Heidari-Rarani M., Shokrieh M.M., Ayatollahi M.R., “Experimental determination of tensile strength and KIc of polymer concretes using semi-circular bend (SCB) specimens,” Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Vol. 43, No. 6 (2012) 823-833.
  4. Ahmadi, M., Moghbeli, M. R., Shokrieh, M. M., “Rubber modification of unsaturated polyester resin with core-shell rubber particles: Effect of shell composition” polymer engineering and science, Volume 52, Issue 9, pages 1928–1937, September 2012.
  5. V. Nasir, H. Karimipour, F. Taheri-Behrooz, M.M. Shokrieh, “Corrosion behaviour and crack formation mechanism of basalt fibre in sulphuric acid,” Corrosion Science 64 (2012) 1–7.
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  7. M. M. Shokrieh, H. Rajabpour-Shirazi, M. Heidari-Rarani, M. Haghpanahi, “Simulation of mode I delamination propagation in multidirectional composites with R-curve effects using VCCT method,” Computational Material Science, 65 (2012) 66–73.
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  17. Shokrieh, M. M., and Safarabadi, M., “Three-Dimensional Analysis of Micro-Residual Stresses in Fibrous Composites Based on the Energy Method: A Study Including Interphase Effects,” Journal of Composite Materials, 46(6) 727–735, 2012.
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  20. Behzad Babaei, Mahmood M. Shokrieh, Kamran Daneshjou, “The ballistic resistance of multi-layered targets impacted by rigid projectiles,” Materials Science and Engineering A, 530 (2011) 208–217.

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