Dr. Seema Agarwal

Georgetown University, USA



1990  Ph.D., University of Allahabad, India

1984  M.Sc., University of Allahabad, India

1982  B.Sc., University of Allahabad, India

Publications (selected)

  1. S. Agarwal, Frank B. Gertler, Michele Balsamo, John S. Condeelis, Robert L. Camp, Xiaonan Xue, Juan Lin, Thomas E. Rohan, and David L. Rimm. 2012. Quantitative Assessment of Invasive Mena Isoforms (Menacalc) as an Independent Prognostic Marker in Breast Cancer. BCR. Epub. PMID: 22971274.
  2. J. A. Hanna, L. Hahn, S. Agarwal, D. L. Rimm. 2012. In Situ Measurement of miR-205 in Malignant Melanoma Tissue Supports its Role as a Tumor Suppressor MicroRNA. Lab Invest, 92 (10), 1390. PMID: 22890556.
  3. A. Dimou, V. Neumeister, S. Agarwal, V. Angnostou, K. Syrigos, D. L. Rimm. 2012. Measurement of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 Expression Defines a Group with Better Prognosis in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. AJP, 181 (4), 1436. PMID: 22877687.
  4. J. A. Hanna, H. Wimberly, S. Kumar, F. Slack, S. Agarwal, D. L. Rimm. 2011. High Throughput Quantitative analysis of microRNAs by in situ hybridization. Biotechniques, 52 (4), 235. PMID: 22482439.
  5. S. Agarwal, D.L. Rimm. 2012. Making every cell like HeLa a giant step for cell culture. Am. J. Pathol., 180 (2), 443. PMID: 22192626.
  6. A. Dimou, S. Agarwal, V. Anagnostou, H. Viray, S. Christensen, B. Gould Rothberg, V. Zolota, K. Syrigos and D.L. Rimm. 2011. Standardization of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) measurement by quantitative immunofluorescence and impact on antibody-based mutation detection in non-small lung cancer. Am J Pathol. 179 (2), 580. PMID: 21722621.
  7. V. Neumeister, S. Agarwal, J. Bordeaux, R.L. Camp, D.L. Rimm. 2010. In situ identification of putative cancer stem cells by multiplexing ALDH1, CD44, and cytokeratin identifies breast cancer patients with poor prognosis. Am J Patholo, 48, 197. PMID: 20228222.
  8. J. Bordeaux, A.W. Welsh, S. Agarwal, E. Killiam, M.T. Baquero, J.A. Hanna, V.K. Aangnostou, D.L. Rimm. 2010. Antibody validation. Biotechniques, 48, 197. PMID: 20359301.
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  11. J. Li, S. Agarwal, G.S. Roeder. 2007. SSP2 and OSW1, Two Sporulation-specific Genes Involved in Spore Morphogenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics, 175, 143, PMID: 17110477.
  12. G. Kaur, M. Hollingshead, S. Holbeck, V. Schauer-Vukasinovic, R. Camalier, A. Doemling, S. Agarwal. 2006. Biological evaluation of TubulysinA: a potential anticancer and antiangiogenic natural product. Biochem J, 396, 235, PMID: 16489930.
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  14. J. K.-Stankiewicz, I. Hakimi, C. Zhi, J. Zhang, I. Serebriiskii, L. Guo, H. Edamatsu, H. Koide, S. Menon, S. Sakamuri, Y. Lu, Q.-Z. Chen, S. Agarwal, W.R. Baumbach, E. Golemis, F. Tamanoi, V. Khazak. 2002. Inhibitors of Ras/Raf-1 interactions identified by two-hybrid screening revert Ras-dependent transformation phenotypes in human cancer cells. PNAS, 99, 14398, PMID: 12391290.
  15. A. Kumar, S. Agarwal, J.A. Heyman, S. Matson, M. Heidtman, S. Piccirillo, L. Umansky, A. Drawid, R. Jansen, Y. Liu, K.H. Cheung, P. Miller, M. Gerstein, G.S. Roeder and M. Snyder. 2002. Subcellular localization of the yeast proteome. Genes & Development, 16, 707, PMID: 11914276.
  16. S. Agarwal, and G.S. Roeder. 2000. Zip3 provides a link between recombination enzymes and synaptonemal complex proteins. Cell, 102, 245, PMID: 10943844.

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