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Prof. Shuilin Wu

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

Hubei University, China


Email: shuilin.wu@gmail.com


2007 Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong

2003 M.Sc., Tianjin University

Publications (selected)

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  2. Wu S.L., Liu X.M., Hu T., Chu P.K. et. al. (2008), A Biomimetic Hierarchical Scaffold: Natural Growth of Nano Titanates on Three-Dimensional Microporous Ti-based Metals, Nano Letters, 8, 11, 3803 – 3808
  3. Wu S.L., Liu X.M., Yeung K.W.K., Hu T., Xu Z.S., Chung C.Y., and Chu P.K.(2011), Hydrogen Release from Titanium Hydride in Foaming of Orthopedic NiTi Scaffolds, Acta Biomaterialia, 7, 3, 1387 – 1397
  4. Wu S.L., Liu X.M., Yeung A., Yeung K.W.K., Kao R.Y.T., Wu G.S., Hu T., Xu Z.S., and Chu P.K. (2011), Plasma-Modified Biomaterials for Self-Antimicrobial Applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 3, 8, 2851 – 2860.
  5. Li X.L., Li H., Liu G.Q., Deng Z.W., Wu S.L., Li P.H., Xu Z.S., Xu H.B., and Chu P.K. (2012), Magnetite-Loaded Fluorine-Containing Polymeric Micelles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Drug Delivery, Biomaterials 33, 10, 3013 - 3024