Prof. Zhiyong Hong

University of Ottawa, Canada


1990 Ph.D., Tongji Medical University, Environmental Epidemiology

1987 M.Ph., Tongji Medical University, Epidemiology

Publications (Selected)

  1. Hong, Z., Keguang Bao, Lidou Wen , et al. Study of application of bone compact index automatic radiogrammeter. Journal of China Gerontology 1990; 10(4): 231-233.
  2. Hong, Z., Huang, M and Kou Y. Study of effect with mietaoling preventing mice from Schistosomiasis. Chinese Journal of Zoonosis 1990; 6(3): 43-46.
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  9. Hong, Z.  Serum Clara cell proteins (CC16): a new valid markers of the distal Airway damages caused by air pollutants in rats. Journal of Tongji Medical University (English version) 1996; 16(4): 65-70.
  10. Hong, Z.  Lian, S. and Zhang, Z. Human blood white cell DNA adduct levels and their correlative factors among Jianghan Oil Fields. Chinese Journal of Environmental Health 1998; 14(3): 162-166.
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