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Dr. Yifan Zhan

Immunology Division

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Email: zhan@wehi.edu.au


1994 Ph.D., Department of Microbiology, Melbourne University, Australia

1987 Master of Medical Science, China

1983 Bachelor of Medical Science, China

Publications (selected)

  1. Zhan YF, Kelso A, Cheers C. Cytokine production in the murine response to brucella infection or immunization with antigenic extracts. Immunology 80:458-464, 1993 (IF=3.51; C=36)
  2. Kamath AT, Pooley J, O’Keefe MA, Vremec D, Zhan YF, Lew AM, D’Amico A, Wu L, and Shortman K The Development, maturation and Turnover rate of Mouse Spleen Dendritic Cell populations. J Immunol 165:6762-70, 2000. (IF=6.48;C=211)
  3. Mottram PL, Murray-Segal LJ, Han WR, Zhan YF, Brady, JL and Lew AM Transgenic anti-CD4 antibody expression by mouse segmental pancreas allografts promotes long term survival. Transplant Immunol. 8:203-209, 2000. (IF=2.13, C=1)
  4. Zhan YF, Corbett AJ, Brady JL, Sutherland RM, and Lew AM. CD4 help independent-induction of cytotoxic CD8 cells to allogeneic P815 tumour cells is absolutely dependent on costimulation. J Immunol 165:3612-3619, 2000.(IF=6.48;C=42)
  5. McKenzie AW, Geogiou HM, Zhan YF, Brady JL and Lew AM.Protection of xenografts by a combination of immunoisolation and a single dose of anti-CD4 antibody. Cell Transplant 10:183-93, 2001 (IF=3.48; C=10)
  6. Zhan YF, JL Brady, RM Sutherland and AM Lew Without CD4 help, CD8 rejection of pig xenografts requires CD28 costimulation but not perforin killing J Immunol  167: 6279-6285, 2001 (IF=6.48;C=20)
  7. Robyn M. Sutherland, B S. McKenzie, YF Zhan, Alexandra J. Corbett, Annette Fox-Marsh, Harry M. Georgiou, Leonard C. Harrisonand Andrew M. Lew. Anti-CD45RB antibody deters xenograft rejection by modulating T cell priming and homing Int Immunol 14 953-962, 2002.(IF=3.31; C=14)
  8. Purton JF, YF Zhan, DR Liddicoat, CL Hardy, AM Lew, TJ Cole and DI Godfrey Glucocorticoid receptor deficient thymic and peripheral T cells develop normally in adult mice Eur J Immunol. 32:3546-3555, 2002. (IF=4.66;C=21)
  9. Zhan, YF, JF Purton, DI. Godfrey, TJ Cole, WR Heath and AM. Lew. Cell-autonomous antigen-induced thymic deletion is predominantly mediated in a cohort of double positive cells without classical activation. PNAS 100:1197-1202, 2003. (IF=10.3;C=18)
  10. Zhan YF, JL Brady, W Irawaty, HE. Thomas, TW. Kay and AM. Lew. Activated macrophages require T cells for xenograft rejection under the kidney capsule Immunol Cell Biol 81:451-458, 2003 (IF=3.033;C=6)
  11. Street SEA, Y Hayakawa, J Tanner, YF Zhan, AM Lew, D MacGregor, D Raulet, A Diefenbach, H Yagita, DI Godfrey, and MJ. Smyth. Innate immune surveillance of spontaneous lymphomas of B cell origin. J Exp Med199:879-884, 2004. (IF=15.61;C=74)
  12. Dyer C, YF Zhan, JL Brady, FR Carbone, MJ Smyth, and AM Lew Unexpectedly, induction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes enhanced the humoral response after DNA immunization Blood103:3073-5, 2004. (IF=10.90;C=3)
  13. ZhanYF, L E. Brown, G Deliyannis, S Seah, OL. Wijburg, J Price, R A. Strugnell, PJ. O’Connell and AM LewResponses against complex antigens in various models of CD4 T-cell deficiency: surprises from an anti-CD4 antibody transgenic mouse. Immunol Res 30:1-14, 2004 (IF=2.1;C=5)
  14. Villunger A, VS Marsden, YF Zhan, M Erlacher, AM Lew, P Bouillet, S Berzins, DI Godfrey, WR Heath and A Strasser TCR/CD3 Ligation Induced Apoptosis of Semi-Mature CD4+8-HSA+Thymocytes Requires the BH3-Only Bcl-2 Family Member Bim, Uses the Apaf-1/Caspase-9 Apoptosome as an Amplifier but is Independent of Death Receptor Signaling PNAS 101:7052-7057, 2004. (IF=9.60;C=38)
  15. Zhan YF, D Funda, A L. Every, P Funda, JF. Purton, TJ. Cole, DI. Godfrey, J L. Brady, SI. Mannering, LC. Harrison, AM. Lew. GITR upregulation by glucocorticoid-receptor-dependent and -independent pathways is associated with different T-cell fates.Int Immunol16:1315-21, 2004 (IF=3.31;C=13)
  16. Uldrich AP, NY Crowe, K Kyparissoudis, DG Pellicci, YF Zhan, AM Lew, P Bouillet, A Strasser, MJ Smyth, DI Godfrey. NKT cell stimulation with glycolipid antigen in vivo:co-stimulation-dependent expansion, Bim-dependent contraction, and hypo-responsiveness to further antigenic challenge. J Immunol 175:3092, 2005 (IF=6.07;C=47)
  17. Corbett AJ., I Caminschi, BS McKenzie, JL. Brady, MD Wright, PL Mottram, PM Hogarth, AN Hodder, YF Zhan, DM. Tarlinton, K Shortman and AM. Lew Antigen delivery via two molecules on the CD8-dendritic cell subset induces humoral immunity in the absence of conventional “danger” Eur J Immunol 35:2815, 2005 (IF=4.66;C=26)
  18. Londrigan SL, RM. Sutherland, JL. Brady, YF Zhan, R Li, E Estella, TWH. Kay and AM. Lew. Prolonged local expression of anti-CD4 antibody by adenovirally transduced allografts can promote long-term graft survival: Anti-CD4 antibody enhances graft survival J Gen Med 8:42, 2006(IF=3.70; C=7)
  19. LimB, RM Sutherland, YF Zhan, G Deliyannis, LE Brown and AM Lew Targeting  CD45RB alters T cell migration and delays viral clearance. Int Immunol. 18:291, 2006(IF=3.31, C=4)
  20. Allan RS, J Waithman , S Bedoui , CM Jones, JA Villadangos, YF Zhan, AM Lew, K Shortman, WR Heath, FR Carbone. Migratory Dendritic cells transfer antigen to a lymph node-resident dendritic cell population for efficient CTL priming. Immunity. 25:153, 2006.(IF=19.23; C=132)

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