Dr. Hessam Ghasemnejad

Department of Aerospace Engineering,

Cranfield University, UK

Associate Professor



2009 Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Kingston University, UK

Publications (Selected)

  1. Arachchige B, Ghasemnejad & Augousti A (2016) Theoretical approach to predict transverse impact response of variable-stiffness curved composite plates, Composites Part B: Engineering, 89 (March) 34-43.
  2. Rabiee A & Ghasemnejad H. (2016) Effect of multi stitched locations on high speed crushing of composite tubular structures, Composites Part B: Engineering, 100 (September) 164-175.
  3. Al-Khudairi O & Ghasemnejad H (2015) To improve failure resistance in joint design of composite wind turbine blade materials, Renewable Energy, 81 (September) 936-951.
  4. Ghafari-Namini N & Ghasemnejad H (2015) Controllable crack propagation in off-axis crushing of stitched composite absorbers, Composites, 5 (September) 93-100.
  5. Razmkhah O & Ghasemnejad H Explicit finite element analysis to predict impact damage response of osteoporosis hip bone, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 4 (1).
  6. Ghasemnejad H, Argentiero Y, Tez T & Barrington P (2013) Impact damage response of natural stitched single lap-joint in composite structures, Materials in Engineering, 51 552-560.
  7. Ghasemnejad H, Soroush VR, Mason PJ & Weager B (2012) To improve impact damage response of single and multi-delaminated FRP composites using natural Flax yarn, Materials and Design, 36 865-873.
  8. Ghafari-Namini N. & Ghasemnejad H. (2012) Effect of natural stitched composites on the crashworthiness of box structures, Materials and Design, 39 484-494.
  9. Ghafari-Namini N, Ghasemnejad H & Limbachiya M (2011) Advanced finite element analysis to predict off-axis crushing behaviour of composite aero-structures, Key Engineering Materials, 488-489 41-44.
  10. Pereira J, Ghasemnejad H, Wen J & Tam V (2011) Blast response of cracked steel box structures repaired with carbon fibre-reinforced polymer composite patch, Materials and Design, 32 (5) 3092-3098.
  11. Ghasemnejad H., Occhineri L. & Swift-Hook D. (2011) Post-buckling failure in multi-delaminated composite wind turbine blade materials, Materials and Design, 32 (10) 5106-5112.
  12. Ghasemnejad H & Hadavinia H (2010) Off-axis crashworthiness characteristic of woven glass/epoxy composite box structures, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 29 (15) 2306-2330.
  13. Ghasemnejad H, Furquan A & Mason P (2010) Charpy impact damage behaviour of single and multi-delaminated hybrid composite beam structures, Materials in Engineering, 31 (8) 3653-3660.
  14. Hadavinia H & Ghasemnejad H (2009) Effects of Mode-I and Mode-II interlaminar fracture toughness on the energy absorption of CFRP twill/weave composite box sections, Composite Structures, 89 (2) 303-314.
  15. Ghasemnejad H., Blackman B., Hadavinia H. & Sudall B. (2009) Experimental studies on fracture characterisation and energy absorption of GFRP composite box structures, Composite Structures, 88 (2) 253-261.
  16. Ghasemnejad H, Hadavinia H, Marchant D & Aboutorabi A (2008) Energy absorption of thin-walled corrugated crash box in axial crushing, Structural Durability and Health Monitoring, 4 (1) 29-45.

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