Prof. Essam E. Khalil

Cairo University, Egypt




1977 Ph.D., London University, UK, Mechanical Engineering

1973 M.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt, Engineering

1971 B.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt, Engineering

Publications (Selected)

  1. E.E.Khalil,(2014) Flow  And  Thermal  Patterns  In  Archaeological  Church  Of  Christ, Cairo,  ASME,  IMECE2014-37017,November 2014
  2. E.E.Khalil,(2014) Controlled  Built  Environment  In  The  Archaeological  Tombs  Of  Valle Of  Kings,  ASME,  IMECE2014-37016,November 2014
  3. A. Zaki E.E. Khalil, E.M.ElBially and W.Abdelmaksoud,(2014) Numerical  Investigation  Of Natural  Ventilation  System  Versus  Air  Conditioning  For  Temperature Distribution  In  A Museum  Showroom,  King  Tutankhamuns's  Gallery, Egyptian Museum.  ASME, IMECE2014-39722, November 2014
  4. A.A.  Abu-Kabsha,  E.E.  Khalil,  A.A.  Jouda,  M.F. Muhammad,  M.F.  Afify,  CFD  Modelling of  An Open Air Stadium Air Conditioning, IECEC Paper 1946778, July 2014
  5. W. A. Abdel Maksoud and E.E. Khalil ,(2013) Personal  Ventilation  and  Displacement Ventilation  Assessment  in  Cubicle  Workstations,  ASME CONGRESS, Paper IMECE2013-62774, November 2013,San Diego.
  6. A. ElDegwy , S.M.Morkos, E.E.Khalil and A.S.Sabry ,(2013) CFD Investigation for Minimizing  the  Contaminant  Concentrations  in  the  Air-Conditioned  Surgical Operating Theatres,  Proceedings  of  ICFD11,   Eleventh  International  Conference  of  Fluid  Dynamics,  Paper ICFD11-EG-4108 , December, 2013, Alexandria Egypt,
  7. A. A. Shaaban, S,M,Morkos, E.E.Khalil and M.A.Fouad,(2013) On  the  Computations  of Indoor  Air  Quality  in  a  Chemical  Laboratory:  3  Dimensional  Approach, Proceedings of ICFD11, Eleventh International Conference of Fluid Dynamics, , Paper ICFD11-EG-4109, December, 2013, Alexandria Egypt,
  8. M. A. Salam ,E. E. Khalil, G. G.Elharriry and ,H.Othman ,(2013) Flow  Regimes  and  Thermal  Characteristics  In  Air  Conditioned  Office:  Personalized  Ventilation  Versus Underfloor  Supply,  Proceedings  of  ICFD11,   Eleventh International  Conference  of  Fluid  Dynamics, Paper ICFD11-EG-4115 , December, 2013, Alexandria Egypt,
  9. E. E. Khalil ,(2012) Innovative  Approach  to  Energy  Efficient  Buildings  from  Construction  Material  to  Services”  ASME Congress Paper  Number  IMECE2012-85087, see  also  Symposium  On  Integrated/Sustainable Building Equipment And Systems ,Vol.10,pp.85-92.
  10. E. E. Khalil,(2012) "International  Focus  on  Emerging  Technologies  &  Opportunities", ASME  Congress,  Paper  Number IMECE2012-94127
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  12. E. E. Khalil ,(2012) On The Modelling Of Indoor Air Quality And Air FlowRegimes In Surgical Operating Theatres,  ISHRE, Journal ,Oct-Dec 2012.
  13. E. E. Khalil,(2012) Holistic  Approach  to  Smart  Buildings  from  Construction  Material  to Services,  OJEE,  Open  Journal  of Energy Efficiency, Vol.1 No.3, pp.48-56, December 2012.
  14. E. E. Khalil,(2011) Holistic  Approach  to  Green  Buildings  from  Construction  Material  to  Services",  Proceedings  of  5th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium IEEES-5, Luxor, December 2011
  15. E. E. Khalil,(2011) Energy-Efficiency  in  Air  Conditioned  Buildings:  The Green  Buildings  Dream,  Proceedings  of  5th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium IEEES-5, Luxor, paper 001, December 2011
  16. S .Al-Adawy, S. M. Marcos and E. E .Khalil (2011) Effect of Blowing Ratio on Film Cooling Effectiveness of Cylindrical and Shaped Holes, Proceedings of 5th  International  Exergy,  Energy  and  Environment  Symposium  IEEES-5,  Luxor,  paper  F26,  December 2011
  17. E. E. Khalil,2011 On Modelling of Turbulent Flames in Burner Quarls, Proceedings of 5th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium IEEES-5,Luxor, paper F25, December 2011
  18. E. E. Khalil ,(2010) Understanding  Fire  Dynamics  in  Ventilated  Rooms,  Proceedings ICFD10,  Egypt,  Paper  ICFD10-EG-3080, December 2010.
  19. E. E. Khalil,(2010) Energy Performance of Air Conditioned Buildings: Concepts & Standard Proceedings ICFD10,Egypt, Paper ICFD10-EG-3081, December 2010.
  20. E. M. El-Bialy and E. E. Khalil (2010) Experimental  and  Numerical  Investigation  of  Indoor  Environmental  Quality  in  a  Subway  Station, Proceedings ICFD10, Egypt, Paper ICFD10-EG-3160, December 2010.
  21. E. E. Khalil,(2010) Energy-Performance  of  Air  Conditioned  Buildings:  The  Green Buildings  Dream,  Proceedings  Theta  3, Egypt, December 2010.

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