Research on Data Sharing between AutoCAD and MapGIS in Cadastral Database Construction
Jiajia Liu, Yang Cai
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In the Second Chinese Country Survey, MAPGIS (Map Geographic Information System) is widely used all over the country in the Cadastral Database Construction. There are plenty original data is saved in the AutoCAD (Auto Computer Aided Design) data format. Therefore it is important to find a way which can exchange and share the data between AutoCAD and MAPGIS effectively and efficiently. In order to use MapGIS cadastral management system building cadastral database, it researched the current transformation methods between data of MapGIS and AutoCAD, including analysis defects of ObjectARX technology, southern CASS conversion interface, DXF file conversion. Combining the characteristics of MAPSUV data and southern CASS data, it found a data conversion method through the DWGdirectX control. This method actually read and wrote files provided by the library of MAPSUV and AutoCAD. This way avoids exchange process which can better transform the southern CASS DWG file containing graphics and attributes information to the SUV. The example which showed how DWG file transformed into SUV file. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency of conversion.

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J. Liu and Y. Cai, "Research on Data Sharing between AutoCAD and MapGIS in Cadastral Database Construction," Journal of Geographic Information System, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2010, pp. 124-128. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2010.22019.

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