A Smart Substation Field Secondary Device Testing Technique Based on Recurrence Principle


According to the demand of substation secondary device dynamic performance testing, a smart substation field testing technique based on recurrence principle is proposed in the paper, and the characteristics of smart substation secondary device digitization and information sharing are used by the technique. The principle of testing technique is as follow: the digital simulation model is constructed on the basis of the substation’s actual construction, then the simulating data highly similar to substation’s actual electric quantity transient process is generated, at last, the substation digital secondary device can be tested by using data “recurrence” technique. The testing technique is verified and applied by constructing testing system, the application results show that the technique can effectively perform field test on the dynamic performance of digital secondary device, and the technique has good engineering implementation and application value.

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Zhang, K. , Chen, L. , Xia, Y. , Lei, Y. , Shu, X. , Li, H. , Wang, T. and Du, Z. (2014) A Smart Substation Field Secondary Device Testing Technique Based on Recurrence Principle. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2, 244-251. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24035.

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