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Architecture Design of an Integrated Communication and Broadcasting Network

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Due to the power limitation of nodes in wire-less sensor networks (WSNs), how to maximize network lifetime has become a critical issue for deployment of WSNs. Although several schemes have been proposed for 2D WSNs, few for 3D WSNs are known. In this paper, we present a scheme to maximize network lifetime for 3D WSNs through balancing energy consumption, as an extension of the existing scheme for 2D WSNs proposed recently [1]. Same as [1], we formulate the energy consumption balancing problem as an problem of optimal distribution of transmitting data by combining the techniques of sphere-corona based network division, mixed-routing and data aggregation. We first present a Tiled-block based routing scheme in order to balance energy consumption among nodes in each sphere-corona. Then we design an algorithm to compute the optimal distribution ratio of transmitting data between direct and hop-by-hop transmission, with the purpose of balancing energy consumption among nodes across different sphere-coronas. We show maximizing network lifetime through computing the optimal number of sphere-coronas. Afterwards a energy consumption balanced data collecting protocol (ECBDC) is designed and a solution to extend ECBDC to largescale WSNs is also presented. Simulaiton results show that ECBDC is superior to conventional direct and multihop transmission schemes in network lifetime.

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W. Liu, J. Wu and H. Shen, "Architecture Design of an Integrated Communication and Broadcasting Network," Wireless Sensor Network, Vol. 2 No. 12, 2010, pp. 936-950. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2010.212112.


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