Short Report of a Preliminary Open Study of Synofit-Containing Bio-Curcumin, Greenlipped Mussel and Blackcurrant Leaf Extract in Arthritis


To evaluate the potential benefit of Synofit—an association of Curcumin, Perna canaliculus green-mussels and blackcurrant leaf extracts, a real life open study was performed among 86 adult out patients suffering from Fibromyalgia (n = 22), low back pain (n = 33) or knee osteoarthritis (n = 31) who accepted to take 3 tablets a day during 1 week then 2 capsules of Synofit during 2 months in addition to their conventional therapy (mainly analgesics and anti-inflammatory) and then to report their evaluation of this complementary treatment. Statistical analysis included paired t test and when possible Wilcoxon signed rank test. Accordingly, the intermediate analysis showed that already within 4 weeks of treatment, an improvement quoted as “light” was statistically reported in patients with low back pain and knee osteoarthritis but not among those with fibromyalgia on pain, physical condition, global assessment of a benefit, quality of life but not on joint stiffness (although joint stiffness considered for the whole group was statistically improved). The limited number of patients and time duration of the study and the absence of double blind controlled study do not allow concluding on the efficacy but these preliminary analyses obtained from an intermediate analysis are encouraging for further studies.

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Qu, J. , Mélot, C. and Appelboom, T. (2015) Short Report of a Preliminary Open Study of Synofit-Containing Bio-Curcumin, Greenlipped Mussel and Blackcurrant Leaf Extract in Arthritis. Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases, 5, 113-117. doi: 10.4236/ojra.2015.54018.

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