A Blind DWT-SCHUR Based Digital Video Watermarking Technique


Digital watermarking is one of the most powerful tools used in ownership and copyrights protection in digital media. This paper presents a blind digital video watermarking technique based on a combination scheme between the Discrete Wavelet transform in (DWT) and the real Schur Decomposition. The scheme starts with applying twolevel DWT to the video scene followed by Schur decomposition in which the binary watermark bits are embedded in the resultant block upper triangular matrix. The proposed technique shows high efficiency due to the use of Schur decomposition which requires fewer computations compared to other transforms. The imperceptibility of the scheme is also very high due to the use of DWT transform; therefore, no visual distortion is noticed in the watermarked video after embedding. Furthermore, the technique proves to be robust against set of standard attacks like: Gaussian, salt and pepper and rotation and some video attacks such as: frame dropping, cropping and averaging. Both capacity and blindness features are also considered and achieved in this technique.

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Rajab, L. , Al-Khatib, T. and Al-Haj, A. (2015) A Blind DWT-SCHUR Based Digital Video Watermarking Technique. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 8, 224-233. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2015.84023.

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