Thinking on Setting the Full-Time Professional Administrator of Research Funding


With the development of the national economy, the investment of science and technology has been steadily increasing during the 12th five-year plan period. Based on analyzing the problems exiting in current financial management of research institutions, this paper advances the idea of setting full-time professional administrator of research funding, and probes into the importance of the administrator that should be adopted in the meticulous financial management of research funding. Then the paper makes an analysis that the administrator should have professional knowledge of the technology, management, finance and audit. Only in this way can the administrator give the guidance and supervision throughout the budget preparation, budget implementation and financial audit. It is beneficial for the research institutions in improving the meticulous management level of research funding.

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Cui, H. and Yang, Z. (2014) Thinking on Setting the Full-Time Professional Administrator of Research Funding. Open Journal of Accounting, 3, 71-75. doi: 10.4236/ojacct.2014.33008.

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