Surgical Science

Surgical Science

ISSN Print: 2157-9407
ISSN Online: 2157-9415


Prof.   Vahit Ozmen,  Istanbul University, Türkiye

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Dr.   Bulang Gao,  Shijiazhuang First Hospital, China

Editorial Board

Prof.   Paul Di Cesare,  University of California, Davis, USA
Prof.   Thomas Joseph Fahey,  Cornell University Medical College, USA
Dr.   Zhiwei Huang,  National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr.   Hirohiko Kakizaki,  Aichi Medical University, Japan
Prof.   Ameen S. Khraisat,  University of Jordan, Jordan
Prof.   Tatsuya Kin,  University of Alberta, Canada
Dr.   Kamil Kuka,  University of Defense, Czech Republic
Prof.   Chih-Lung Lin,  Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Chinese Taipei
Prof.   Julian E. Losanoff,  University of Nevada School of Medicine, USA
Prof.   Igor V. Mayborodin,  The Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr.   Tatsuya Mimura,  Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East, Japan
Dr.   Simone Mocellin,  University of Padova, Italy
Dr.   Rahul Kumar Nath,  Texas Nerve & Paralysis Institute, USA
Dr.   Wei-Yi Ong,  National University of Singapore, Singapore
Prof.   Beniamino Palmieri,  University of Modena, Italy
Prof.   Stephen M. Pastores,  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA
Prof.   Orlando Petrucci,  University of Campinas, Brazil
Dr.   Alejandro R. Rodriguez,  University of South Florida, USA
Dr.   Hiroyuki Tadokoro,  Asakadai Central Hospital, Japan
Prof.   Eric A. Wiebke,  Indiana University, USA
Dr.   John P. Williams,  University of Pittsburgh, USA
Dr.   Sam M. Wiseman,  University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr.   Peter C. Wu,  University of Washington, USA
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