Profеssor Anatole Alex Klyosov:

2008-Present       President, Academy of DNA Genealogy, Boston, Moscow, Tsukuba

2014-Present       Foreign Member, the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Georgia

1987-Present       Fellow, the World Academy of Art and Science

2013-Present       Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Anthropology



2006-2013 Chief Scientist, Galectin Therapeutics, Newton, MA. Since 2013 - Founder Emeritus.

1996-2006 Vice-President, R&D, Thermo Fibergen, then Kadant Composites, Bedford, MA

1987-1998 Professor of Biochemistry, Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences and Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

1983-1990 Professor of Biochemistry, the Russian Academy of Sciences

1978-1983 Professor of Chemistry, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia

1977 D.Sc., Physical Chemistry, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia

1972 Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia

1969 M.S., Chemical and Biological Kinetics, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia


More than 500 publications, including more than 200 publications in the field of DNA genealogy (a few examples see below), as well as 23 books (including 12 books in the area of DNA Genealogy), 68 patents. For some books see


Books/ Edited Books

1.    Practical Course of Chemical and Enzyme Kinetics. Moscow University Press, 1976, 320 pp.

2.    Enzyme Engineering (ed., A.A. Klyosov et al), Plenum Press, 1980, 521 pp.

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7.    The Internet. Notes of a Scientist. 2010, Moscow University Press, 512 pp.

8.    The Origin of Man. “Belye Alvy”, 2010, 1024 pp.

9.    Carbohydrate Drug Design (ed., A. A. Klyosov et al.), Oxford University Press, 2006, 323 pp.

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15.  Origin of Slavs; Essays in DNA Genealogy. Miroslav, 2013, Belgrad, 440 pp.

16.  The Aryan Peoples in Vast Eurasia. Moscow, 2015, 352 pp.

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22.  DNA Genealogy from A through T. Moscow, 2016, 475 pp.

23.  History of the Aryans and Arbins. Moscow, 2017, 317 pp.

24.  Practical DNA Genealogy for Everyone. Moscow, 2018, 361 pp.

PAPERS on DNA genealogy (mainly in English):

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