Advances in Early Education
This book covers the first-hand data of early education research field. The 15 papers in this book are selected from the published papers in early education field during 2013-2015, which contain education policy, educational methods and educational standard, ect.
Components of the Book:
  • Chapter 1
    Rethinking Early Childhood Workforce Sustainability in the Context of Australia’s Early Childhood Education and Care Reforms
  • Chapter 2
    The Way to Early Childhood Education Equity - Policies to Tackle the Urban-Rural Disparities in China
  • Chapter 3
    Do Increased Availability and Reduced Cost of Early Childhood Care and Education Narrow Social Inequality Gaps in Utilization? Evidence from Norway
  • Chapter 4
    Embedding Mental Health Interventions in Early Childhood Education Systems for At-Risk Preschoolers: An Evidence to Policy Realist Review
  • Chapter 5
    Impact of an Early Education Multimedia Intervention in Managing Nutrition-Related Chemotherapy Side Effects: A Pilot Study
  • Chapter 6
    Asynchronous vs Didactic Education: It’s too Early to Throw in the Towel on Tradition
  • Chapter 7
    Moving Forward with Early Childhoodcare and Education (ECCE) Post-2015 in the Asia Pacific Region: An Analysis of Global and National Policy Goals
  • Chapter 8
    Improving Lifetime Trajectories for Vulnerable Young Children and Families Living with Significant Stress and Social Disadvantage: The Early Years Education Program Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Chapter 9
    The Effect of Mother’s Educational Status on Early Initiation of Breastfeeding: Further Analysis of Three Consecutive Nepal Demographic and Health Surveys
  • Chapter 10
    What Is the Relationship between Risky Outdoor Play and Health in Children? A Systematic Review
  • Chapter 11
    Language Learning in Outdoor Environments: Perspectives of Preschool Staff
  • Chapter 12
    Too Late and Not Enough for Some Children: Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Program Usage Patterns in the Years before School in Australia
Readership: Students, academics, teachers and other people attending or interested in early education.
Claudio O Toppelberg
Judge Baker Children’s Center, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Sharon Lynn Kagan
Virginia and Leonard Marx Professor of Early Childhood and Family Policy; Co-director, National Center for Children and Families, USA.

Xin Luo
PhD (Education) researcher in University of Edinburgh, UK.

Erin Sibley
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Center for Optimized Student Support, Boston College, USA.

Brigid Jordan
Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

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