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Cosmic Dark Energy from ‘t Hooft’s Dimensional Regularization and Witten’s Topological Quantum Field Pure Gravity

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We utilize two different theories to prove that cosmic dark energy density is the complimentary Legendre transformation of ordinary energy and vice versa as given by E(dark) = mc2 (21/22) and E(ordinary) = mc2/22. The first theory used is based on G ‘t Hooft’s remarkably simple renormalization procedure in which a neat mathematical maneuver is introduced via the dimensionality of our four dimensional spacetime. Thus, ‘t Hooft used instead of D = 4 and then took at the end of an intricate and subtle computation the limit to obtain the result while avoiding various problems including the pole singularity at D = 4. Here and in contradistinction to the classical form of dimensional and renormalization we set and do not take the limit where and is the theoretically and experimentally well established Hardy’s generic quantum entanglement. At the end we see that the dark energy density is simply the ratio of and the smooth disentangled D = 4, i.e. (dark) = (4 -k)/4 = 3.8196011/4 = 0.9549150275. Consequently where we have ignored the fine structure details by rounding 21 + k to 21 and 22 + k to 22 in a manner not that much different from of the original form of dimensional regularization theory. The result is subsequently validated by another equally ingenious approach due mainly to E. Witten and his school of topological quantum field theory. We notice that in that theory the local degrees of freedom are zero. Therefore, we are dealing essentially with pure gravity where are the degrees of freedom and is the corresponding dimension. The results and the conclusion of the paper are summarized in Figure 1-3, Table 1 and Flow Chart 1.

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