Prof. Jingli Ren

Department of Mathematics

Zhengzhou University, China




Ph.D., Beijing Institute of Technology, China

M.Phil., Lanzhou University, China

B.Sc., Henan Normal University, China

Publications (Selected)

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  2. (with Z.B. Cheng), Periodic solutions for generalized high-order neutral differential equation in the critical case, Nonlinear Analysis TMA, 71(2009), 6182-6193.
  3. (with W.S. Cheung and W.W. Han ), Positive periodic solutions of second-order neutral functional differential equations, Nonlinear Analysis TMA, 71(2009), 3948-3955.
  4. (with Z.B. Cheng), On High-Order Delay Differential Equation, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 57(2009), 324-331.
  5. (with W.W. Han), Some results on second-order neutral functional differential equations with infinite distributed delay, Nonlinear Analysis TMA, 70(2009), 1393-1406.
  6. (with Z.B. Cheng), Periodic solutions for a fourth-order Rayleigh type p-Laplacian delay equation, Nonlinear Analysis TMA, 70( 2009), 516-523.
  7. (with W.S. Cheung), Periodic solutions for p-Laplacian duffing equations with a deviating argument, Journal of Applied Functional Analysis, 3(2008), 163-173.
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  10. (with W.S. Cheung), Discrete nonlinear inequalities and applications to boundary value problems, Journal of Mathematics Analysis and Applications, 319(2006), 708-724.
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