Dr. Sevdzhan Hakkaev

Department of Mathematics

University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA




Ph.D., Shumen University, Bulgaria

M.S., Shumen University, Bulgaria

B.S., Shumen University, Bulgaria

Publications (Selected)

  1. S. Hakkaev, K. Kirchev, “Stability and instability of traveling waves solutions of complex Benjamin-Bona-Mahony type”, Proc. of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 55(2001), 17-22.
  2. S. Hakkaev, K. Kirchev ,“Positivity properties and stability of solitary waves of Benjamin-Bona-Mahony type”, Proc. of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 55(2001), 5-10.
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  19. O. Christov, S. Hakkaev, I. Iliev, “Non-uniform continuity of periodic Hom-Staley b-family of equations”, (submitted)
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  21. “Stability of periodic traveling waves for nonlinear Schrodinger equation” (with I. Iliev and K. Kirchev) (in preparation).

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