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Research on the Maturity Model of Conflict
Management in Engineering Project
Wan Zhang, Hui Zhao
School of Management, Qingdao Technological University, Qingdao, China
Email: zwan03 m
Received Oct ober 2013
Integrated Project Management Maturity proposed a new concept. It is “Project Conflict Manage-
ment Maturity”. It established a new concept of maturity level, established an evaluation index
system on Project Conflict Management Maturi ty and used the multi-level fuzzy comprehensive
evaluation method combined with the Project Management Maturity model to construct the ma-
turity model of Project Conflict Management. Then, through numerical examples, it evaluated the
score of object, got the maturity level of conflict management of the study project, verified the fea-
sibility of the model for solving Project Conflict Managemen t, provided some bases for solving
problems of Projec t Conflict Management and had a certain practical significance about this prob-
Engineering Project; Conflict Management; Multi-Level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
1. Introduction
At present, China and various countries have carried out the project management of a wide range and in-depth
stud y. Because project management has always been a hot research, it can make the development of a country
on a highe r level. For project management, the conflict management is a crucial aspect. Project Conflict Man-
age me nt is particularly important for a project. If people cannot resolve the conflict effectively, it will affect all
aspects of the project. Only resolving the conflicts successfully, could the desired effect be achieved. Project
Conflict is a project from start to finish produced in interpersonal process, resources, implementation and plan-
ning. And conflict management refers to the coordination and resolution of the conflict.
Although many scholars study the Proj ect Conflict Management, the literat ure s for the overall Project Man-
agement Maturity of the conflict are not many. For example, Kang Wei [1] had a s t udy on the project manage-
ment of conflict. It did no t study the Project Conflict Management on overall progress, so people couldnt judge
the conflict management of the project on a kind of level. Based on this, the author combine d the concept of
Project Management Maturity and proposed the concept of Project Conflict Management Maturity, defin ed the
concept of Project Management Maturity level, used fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to build a maturity
level evaluation model combined with numerical example to verify the feasibility of the model.
W. Zhang, H. Zhao
2. The Project Management Conflict Maturity Levels Are Defined
Maturity is something rising levels of a process of development, it must be pointed out that the ability to contin-
ue to improve over time, so that organizations can continue to achieve success in the competition [2]. Project
Management Maturity refers to an organization in the selection and management of the project embodied on the
overall level, project management is the ability to measure, evaluate, improve and enhance the ways and means,
as well as organizations with a development project management capability tool [3]. Author based on two con-
cepts given above as well as various types of Project Management Maturity, conflict management project related
research, define the Project Management Maturity as a project coordination and resolve conflict degree of per-
In the above based on the concept of maturity, the Project Management Maturity conflict is divided into the
following four levels (Table 1).
Perfect levels: when the score of Project Conflict Management Maturity between 3 to 4, is the perfect level,
which means that the project coordination and conflict management problems solved perfectly, the project pro-
ceed smoothly, fully able to achieve the desired results.
Specification levels: when the score of Project Conflict Management Maturity between 2 to 3, is regulate the
level, which means that the conflict is properly managed project, the project normally, generally unaffected;
Progress stage: when the score of Project Conflict Management Maturity between1 to 2, in order to progress
in level, which means that conflict to conduct an appropriate coordination and communication, but not very ef-
fective, is being progressive stage, the smooth progress of the project some effects may not reach the expected
project results;
Confusion levels: when the scor e of Project Conflict Management Maturity less than confusing level, which
means that coordination and resolve conflict shall not be treated, leading to various aspects of the project had a
negative impact, delayed the project proceed smoothly.
3. Construction of Evaluation Index System
In order to analyze and evaluate the Project Conflict Management, we establi sh the corresponding evaluation
index system. Learn from the literature [4,5], the Project Conflict Management Maturit y level indicators have
four, according to an index is further divided into 18 two indicators, each indicator is an indicator of two seg-
ments, through the evaluation of indicators in each segment to determine the level indicators, in the end to ob-
tain the target layer, as shown in Table 2.
4. Build Models
There are no specific methods for assess ing perfect level of Project Conflict Ma nage ment, so according to the
established Project Management Maturity index system of conflict, it not only as a whole has a multilevel nature,
but also its two indicators have inaccuracies, so the author uses a multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
met hod [6-8]. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a effective method to solve many indicators and multilevel
nature, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is a quantitative analysis of the indicators, it is very suitable for
the problem of maturity, so we use the two kinds of methods to build model simulta ne ously.
Using AHP, the evaluation at all levels were set at the target layer (W), an index layer (Ui) and two index
layer (Vij), i = 1, 2, 3, 4; j = 1, 2, ..., ni. U is a set of evaluation form for above, denoted by U = {U1, U2, U3, U4};
Vi is a set of Vij, denoted by Vij = {Vi1, Vi2, ..., V}. According to the optional multi-level fuzzy comprehensive
evaluation method to establish an Project Conflict Management Maturity Model follow these steps:
1) Setting evaluation grade standards. The Vij into excellent”, “good”, “mediumand poorfour assessment
levels, giving each level corresponds score: 4 points, 3 points, 2 points and 1 point. Because of sometimes the
actual index level between two adjacent level, then this case on the intermediate scores were given, that is 3.5
points, 2.5 points and 1.5 points, with higher scores corresponding to illustrate aspects of conflict manage-
Table 1. Project Management Maturity index values.
Level Perfect Specification Progressive Confusion
Standard 3 - 4 2 - 3 1 - 2 <1
W. Zhang, H. Zhao
Table 2. Project Conflict Management Maturity evaluation index system.
Target layer An index layer Two index layer
Research on the
Maturity Model
of Conflict
in Engineering
Exchange of information is not in place
Lack of good team building
Organizational level, management span unscientific
Clear division of tasks
Leadership skills and styles defects
Conflict of Interest
Interpersonal skills
Lack of qualified staff
Lack of professional and technical personnel
Limited funds
Shortage of resources
Implementation modalities and implementation modalities of the traditional conflict
Handling conflicts the traditional approach
Plan conflict
Actual time of conflict and the original scheduled time
Actual costs and the cost of the original plan conflict
Actual quality and the quality of the original plan conflict
ment doing better, all levels of indicators so on.
2) Determine the Ui and Vij corresponding weights. Suppose Ui obtains an index weight of αi, the index
weight vector A = (α1, α2, α3, α4), met αi > 0;
; two indicators Vij weight distribution of αij, the ind e x
weight vector satisfied:
1(1, 2,3, 4;1, 2,...,)
ij iaij n
= ==
3) Fuzzy evaluation matrix is determined. the relevant experts in the field of conflict management issues for
the project to assess the extent of perfection. Need 8 these experts. Because different evaluators assessment can
be made different, so the results of the evaluation can only be made on the i-th index j-evaluation scale to the
extent possible to show. This may be called the degree of membership. Membership calculation in the following
r(1, 2,3, 4;1, 2,...,;1, 2,...,4)
ijk i
ij nk= ==
is the me mber ship of Uij for the first k-level reviews Vk.
Statistical results of the experts rated organize, index Uij have Vij1 for a V1-level reviews, Vij2 a V2-level reviews
and so on, then for i = 1, 2, 3, 4 are:
ijk ijkijk
According rijk value can be obtained by evaluation of an index for each grade of membership consisting of
row vectors rij and has been composed by the rij evaluation matrix Ri:
W. Zhang, H. Zhao
4) Evaluation and comprehensive evaluation to determine the vector values are calculated.
a) Univariate fuzzy judgment.
According to the obtained single factor fuzzy evaluation matrix Ri, calculate the single factor evaluation vec-
tor Bi:
i i1234
R(,, ,)iii iiBA bbbb=×=
b) Multi-factor comprehensive evaluation.
According to this method, a higher level of Bi constituting the matrix R:
[ ]
[ ]
. The re-
sulting evaluation results B = A × R = (bl, b2, b3, b4) is to get the Project Management Maturity conflict fuzzy
comprehensive evaluation set. B is not only considered as an indicator impact, but also considered as the impact
of the two indicators, so they can be more reasonable evaluation index.
5) Calculate the comprehensive evaluation value
Compo site indicator is calculated as M = B × CT. M is the Project Management Maturity conflict evaluation
value; B for the final comprehensive evaluation vector; C clash for the Project Management Maturity Rank
scores row vector matrix, C = (4, 3, 2, 1), corresponding to the maturity level of evaluation were perfectly level,
normative level, progress and confusion grade level. CT is the transpose of the matrix C.
5. Case
Based on the above the established model to analyze an example of a project validation. The project investment
and scale, from pre-planning to the construction process has been concern that if the project to be successfully
completed, will provide convenience for a lot of people, so because of the project severe degree and level of
conc ern, the project needs to be conflict studies to the smooth conduct of the project to achieve the desired re-
sults. The problem of conflict management project evaluation steps as follows:
0.375 0.250 0.125 0.250
0.500 0.125 0.250 0.125
0.250 0.375 0.125 0.250
0.250 0.375 0.250 0.125
0.375 0.125 0.375 0.125
0.125 0.125 0.625 0.125
0.625 0.125 0.0000.250
0.250 0.375 0.250 0.125
0.250 0.125 0.375 0.250
1) Based on multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, establish a group of authoritative expert
group evaluation index weights. In this example, assume that select eight experts involved in the evaluation, the
score after the AHP analysis, and ultimately determine the weights are as follows:
() ()
A0.2772, 0.1601, 0.0954, 0.4673 A0.6370, 0.1047, 0.2583= …=
2) Given in the expert combination of these scoring criteria and the actual situation of the project, in order for
all of two indicators were evaluated to establish evaluation matrix and vector be judged accordingly.
1 11
(0.3543 0.24970.2039 0.1921)B AR=∗= ,,,
4(0.2500, 0.3235,0.2561, 0.1704)B=
3) Comprehensive evaluation vector calculation
[ ]
(0.29470.28000.2343 0.1910)
=∗=∗= ,,,
4) Computational Engineering Project Management Maturity conflict comprehensive evaluation value. The
result of Project Conflict Management is
M BC=×=
, combined with the results shown in Table 1,
this Project Conflict Management Maturity value is between 2 to 3, the level is specification, this project’s con-
flict is properly managed, normally and generally unaffected.
6. Summary
Conflict management issues bearing on the success of a project can proceed smoothly. The project can achieve
W. Zhang, H. Zhao
the desired effect. Conflict Management Maturity is reflected in a conflict management project success. But for
how to evaluate a Project Conflict Management degree of perfection is not having a clear way. The author pro-
posed the new concept of Project Conflict Management Maturity, and the establishment of conflict management
maturity index system, combined with multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method conflict constructed
Project Management Maturity model, and a numerical example, the project drawn conflict management maturity
model feasible. Therefore, using the project conflict management indicators to judge the value of conflict man-
agement maturity level, the persons can make the project not only more rational in decision-making, but also
better in preventing, transforming and resolving conflicts..
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