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What is SCIRP?
Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) is one of the largest Open Access journal publishers. It is currently publishing more than 200 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. SCIRP serves the worldwide academic communities and contributes to the progress and application of science with its publication. More than 5000 professional editorial board members support our publishing activities, and 30587 articles have already been published with SCIRP (2013-12-31).

Where and How is SCIRP Registered?
Scientific Research Publishing Inc. is a registered corporation in the state of Delaware, USA. It was first registered on 2007-09-18. The registration was renewed on 2012-03-14 under file number 5124220.

The registration can be confirmed online: http://corp.delaware.gov/onlinestatus.shtml.

Place of Public Relation: Scientific Research Publishing Inc., P. O. BOX 54821, Irvine CA 92619-4821, USA.

Place of Customer Service: Building 5, Headquarters Space of Optical Valley, Tangxun Lake North Road #38, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430223, Hubei Province, China.

The Advisory Board Chairman of Scientific Research Publishing Inc. is Professor Kuo-Chen Chou. Please read more about the Advisory Board of SCIRP and its members.

Why is SCIRP located in China?
We have to accept that we live in a globalized world. People of different nationalities travel for business and education and try to find optimum conditions.

a) We see many US or European companies that are run by people with US or European passport but do all their business in China, which will enable them to minimize their expense of both living and routine operation and thereby maximize their gain.

b) In this regard, people with Chinese background (e.g. Chinese Americans) have indisputable advantages in terms of language skills, cultural adaptation, and business network. If they start a company which has an international outreach (like OA publishing), it comes only natural for them to base the company in the US (because it has a marketing advantage) and base the production (in this case text production/editing ...) in China.

It looks like "the world" is more used to a) than to b) in spite of the fact that b) sometimes makes more sense, especially in this particular case. SCIRP is obviously a company of type b). As a registered corporation in the USA, it has in China everything that requires major expenses so as to cut costs and, so doing, offer OA at a very compatible price to the benefit of authors (some have to pay for themselves), research funding organizations, and/or OA funding schemes.

Delaware, USA offers very favorable conditions for corporation (Inc.) registrations. For example, the Delaware government does not require that the "principle place of business" be located within the USA. It requests the provision of a real address instead of a PO Box.

What SCIRP does is to seize the current global trade possibilities to ensure its legitimate freedom with regard to where to do what.

What is Open Access?
All original research papers published by SCIRP are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. To be able to provide open access journals, SCIRP defrays operation costs from authors and subscription charges only for its printed version. Open access publishing allows an immediate, world-wide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of research papers, which is in the best interests of the scientific community.
•  High visibility for maximum global exposure with open access publishing model
•  Rigorous peer review of research papers
•  Prompt faster publication with less cost
•  Guaranteed targeted, multidisciplinary audience
SCIRP is striving for membership in the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), adheres to its CODE OF CONDUCT, and follows its Membership Criteria and supports OASPA's Statment on open Access.

How Open is SCIRP on the "Open Access Spectrum"?
SCIRP supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative and shows its “openness” clearly in the standardized form on the Open Access Spectrum.

Open Access embraces 6 core components related to: 1.) Reader Rights, 2.) Reuse Rights, 3.) Copyrights, 4.) Author Posting Rights, 5.) Automatic Posting, 6.) Machine Readability.

SCIRP tries to be as open as practically possible on all 6 Open Access components:
1.) SCIRP is fully open on Reader Rights.
2.) Starting with 1st April 2013 SCIRP is fully open on Reuse Rights by granting a Creative Commons license Attribution (CC BY). As such all SCIRP journals have qualified for the SPARC Europe Seal for Open Access Journals. For authors who want to be more protective SCIRP offers only on special request the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) as an alternative. Also this license fulfills OASPA Standards on Reuse Rights. Original copyright and reuse rights are indicated on the paper depending on the author-selected CC license as: "Copyright © 2014 by author(s) and Scientific Research Publishing Inc." together with icon CC BY or CC BY NC.
3.) SCIRP asks authors to grant SCIRP a nonexclusive copyright. In this way authors continue to hold copyright with no restrictions. This makes SCIRP a fully open publisher also in this component.
4.) Only the authors hold copyright for their manuscripts before peer-review (“preprints”) and after peer-review (“postprints”). For this reason authors are allowed to post their raw manuscripts on any repository or website. SCIRP does not ask authors to waive this right. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication (after peer-review) authors grant SCIRP a nonexclusive copyright (see 3.). Based on this copyright SCIRP produces the final paper in SCIRP’s layout. This version is given to the public (and hence also back to the authors) under the Creative Commons license (see 2.). For this reason authors may also publish the final paper on any repository or website with a complete citation for the paper. When linking to their paper, authors should make use of the link that SCIRP has established with crossref.org. It is a pointer to the full text of the final paper. The URL provides a persistent link which will never break.
This link has the form http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/YourPaperNumber.
5.) Articles are made available online directly without any delay.
6.) SCIRP strives to make articles as much Machine Readable as possible with current technology. SCIRP is providing metadata for all articles to the DOAJ, who will then make the metadata OAI-compliant.

Publication Ethics Statement
SCIRP is committed to maintaining high standards through a rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies. Any infringements of professional ethical codes, such as plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, bogus claims of authorship, should be taken very seriously by the editors with zero tolerance.

SCIRP follows the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and follows the COPE Flowcharts for Resolving Cases of Suspected Misconduct.

The submitted manuscript should not have been previously published in any form and must not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Author Reviews
To be honest with you, it's always a great pleasure to do business with you guys! Quick reply to my question, quick feedbacks from reviewers and quick publishing! Keep going! - Bryan Boudreau

Your services are incredible and I am happy to publish with you. Thanks. - Nana Akua Ayebea

Thank you for publishing our paper in your journal, we truly appreciated the opportunity. We did not encounter any problems while submitting the paper and thought the peer review process was fair. We were able to answer all questions and incorporate the responses into the final paper. We also did not encounter any problems speaking to your editorial assistants during the process. We always received comments back in a timely manner. We were satisfied with your journal process and would recommend it to others! Thank you again for the opportunity! - Kristen Sobota

Always thanking you for your laborious service. I am very pleased with the support of you for my paper. - Mitsuhiro Kashiwagi

I am quite content with the process. Your editorial assistants are among the most efficient and polite I have encountered. OA publishing represents Science the way it should always have been. - Michael Persinger

Everything was perfect. I received a nice and good communication and it was not difficult for me to understand your specifications. Next time I will be able to send the paper in your terms in the first intention. Thank you very much. - Carlos Encinas-Ferrer

I am very satisfied with the service received. Thank you very much, I hope in the future to publish with you again. - Romel G. Solis C.

Editorial Board Member Reviews
It has been an absolute pleasure working with the people at Scientific Research Publishing. They have been diligent and responsive, and highly professional. I always receive information from them in a timely manner, and their attention to detail is commendable. - Professor Harry Ruda

The journal provides an open access platform for doctors and academicians on the latest drug extraction techniques, applications, and data interpretation in both clinical and preclinical studies. It aims to publish complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports and short communications, in all areas of the Chinese medicine and making them freely available online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions to researchers worldwide. - Professor Maythem Saeed

"Since its inception in May 2011, the Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) has become established as an international journal that advances knowledge and understanding through the publication of technically rigorous research papers in all areas of theoretical and applied mathematical finance. JMF has presented the latest developments in pure and applied financial mathematics, and considered important areas in mathematical finance." - Professor Michael McAleer

Modern Mechanical Engineering, or MME, is a young but energetic research journal which aims to provide a quick and informative channel for scientists and researchers in mechanical engineering to present and discuss their latest research findings. Although MME was officially launched in 2011, it has since attracted the attention and interests of many researchers in the relevant fields all over the world. All submissions to MME will be dealt with by a team of professional and editorial members. - Professor C. W. Lim

The open journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been in circulation now for a number of years and I am pleased to provide my enthusiastic response as to the quality of the material presented by the international group of authors. What most distinguishes this journal from the many other similar publications is the practical nature of the paper presented. Many authors provide a perspective of their observations in a variety of clinical services that is unique in nature and establishes the real world in which detected physicians make careful and insightful observations of their patients presenting symptoms and the approach taken to treat and to follow up their cases. Such an approach can be very rewarding both to the authors of the papers and also to the readers. The dissemination of the information provided by this journal helps to serve a large number of obstetricians and gynecologists in that it provides a mechanism of how many unique clinical cases are handled by very creative doctors. As an open journal it is freely available internationally and I encourage the readership to follow the developments that inevitably would occur as the audience and variety of material presented expand in the coming years. – Professor Chris Constantinou