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  • 3204pp. Published November 2016
  • Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.,USA.
  • Category: Biomedical & Life Sciences

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Pictured Glossary in Biology
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The glossary continues to be a valuable guidance tool for biological students those studying biology either in High Schools or Science Colleges as well as scientific researchers. Everything you need for learning biological terminology is right in your hands. The language of biology is rigorous. It is among the great tools of the mind for a better understanding and more accurate network between all biologists of the life sciences.The lists of prefixes, suffixes and terms arranged alphabetically, which lets students look terms up even if they are not sure about their exact spellings. It provides comprehensive coverage of biology, and biochemistry entries on key scientists.This glossary will contain 8000 scientific words expressing all biology branches (Zoology, Botany & Microbiology). The number of the glossary in this book is more than that found in Oxford Dictionary.
Components of the Book:
  • Front Matter
  • Chapter1_A_1st_gloss
  • Chapter2_A_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter3_A_3rd_gloss
  • Chapter4_B_1st_gloss
  • Chapter5_B_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter6_C_1st_gloss
  • Chapter7_C_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter8_C_3rd_gloss
  • Chapter9_D_1st_gloss
  • Chapter10_D_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter11_E_1st_gloss
  • Chapter12_E_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter13_F_1st_gloss
  • Chapter14_F_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter15_G_gloss
  • Chapter16_H_1st_gloss
  • Chapter17_H_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter18_I_gloss
  • Chapter19_J-K_gloss
  • Chapter20_L-M_1st_Gloss
  • Chapter21_M_2nd_Gloss
  • Chapter22_N-O_gloss
  • Chapter23_P_gloss
  • Chapter24_P-Q_gloss
  • Chapter25_R_gloss
  • Chapter26_S_1st_gloss
  • Chapter27_S_2nd_gloss
  • Chapter28_T_gloss
  • Chapter29_U-V_gloss
  • Chapter30_W,X,Y,Z_gloss
  • References
Readership: High school, science college and university students as well as young scientific researchers and staff university members.
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